Number of the Day: election employee stress

According to meQuilibrium's mood-tracking tool, the day after the U.S. presidential election was the most stressful of the year for employees.

Post-election challenge: Helping employees cope with results

Witnessing anxiety and stress, smart leaders are supporting workers and validating their feelings–without engaging in political debate.

Number of the Day: Post-election communication

Few employers have a specific plan to talk with their workforce about the election. But that's a mistake, experts say.

Paid leave, minimum wage among 2020 election winners

Several ballot measures across the country included initiatives that will affect HR, including how California classifies ride-share drivers.

Employees stressed over election uncertainty? Here’s how to help

Communication, empathy and flexibility can help keep employees’ anxieties at bay.

Number of the day: Election Day workplace stress

Many employees are stressed about the election. Here's what that means for HR leaders.

Employers step up to offer Election Day benefits

A growing number of companies are providing employees paid time off to vote or serve as poll workers and even giving them free rides to the polls.

Number of the day: paid time off to vote

A growing number of employers are giving employees time off to head to the polls.

Starbucks unveils election perk for employees

The coffee giant will provide all U.S. workers a free one-way ride to the polls.

Here’s why Verizon is giving workers PTO to vote

The telecommunications company joins a growing list of companies that are allowing employees to take time off on Election Day.