2021 planning

Top highlights from Day 2 of benefits conference

Speakers shared tools, ideas and personal stories for improving employee wellbeing at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

Mental health, DEI on tap for Day 2 of benefits conference

All aspects of wellness get attention as the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference continues.

Averbook: How to design a digital-change experience that sticks

Making progress permanent requires 'humanizing work by meeting people where they are,' industry analyst writes.

Brooks: Finish 2020 by tying up loose ends, reducing ‘task debt’

The best way for HR leaders to start fresh next year is to first leave as much of this year as possible complete, checked off, and neatly tied up.

An HRE Series: Looking ahead to 2021

HRE is helping HR leaders prepare for the year ahead with a series of insights from industry experts, thought leaders and others about what we can learn from 2020 and the challenges coming in 2021. 

HRE’s number of the day: employee views on pandemic response

Workers are mixed on how they feel their employer is handling the pandemic, new research finds.

Averbook: Here’s why every HR leader needs a digital mandate for 2021

We’ve only just started scratching the surface of HR transformation.

These 5 pandemic-driven trends are reshaping business

Genpact's Piyush Mehta shares insights from the company's work with Fortune 500 companies.

HR Tech keynote: Finding value in the path to HR’s new age

COVID and social justice have accelerated a new digital mindset in the world of work.

4 things HR should remember about the new world of work

An HR Tech roundtable led by iCIMS highlighted the opportunities the pandemic has presented for HR.