Supporting the Shift-Based Workplace: Embedding Empathy into your Policies

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Date & Time: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen

Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Leapgen

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There are 97 million shift workers across the U.S., and they’ve been largely ignored by workforce technology solutions. As a result, they’re massively underserved by their employers.

The Digital Workplace changes everything, including the way we think about supporting and connecting a dispersed workforce – including hourly, front-line, deskless and shift workers who usually come up short. Workplace tools are addressing everything about how we communicate and connect, how we manage productivity and foster culture, and how we recognize and celebrate each other in the Now of Work. A modern Digital Workplace embraces employee-level empathy, and this is great news for the shift-based workforce.

Workers in sectors like healthcare, hospitality, retail, and food service were already being called to unlearn old grooves, acquire new capabilities to thrive, establish new routines to manage work-life balance, and combat the chaos, stress, uncertainty and strain of working in a pandemic. In other words, they’ve had it, and we’ve noticed. Add pandemic-fueled labor shortages, and it’s clear employers desperately need to meet employees where they are if they’re going to find and keep employees, period.

In a candidate-driven market where talent demands choice, flexibility, and a better way of working, how can employers evolve to better support the workforce? Empathy in the workplace requires reimagining what makes people feel safe, seen, and connected to work. Employers would do well to reimagine the means by which they bridge transparency and empathy gaps. They need to offer solutions and tools to make work feel easy, even AWESOME, and on worker’s terms.

Join this webinar with Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen, and Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, to reimagine employee empathy for the shift-based workplace. New tools, solutions, and creative options must be deployed to meet the workforce where they are now and to deliver a consumerized, personalized, frictionless experience of work.

We’ll help you understand how to:

  • Create opportunities for connection
  • Redefine culture and leadership based on communication, transparency, and recognition
  • Enable productivity and foster culture without monitoring activity
  • Design for personalization of workforce experience
  • Enable real-time and relevant communication

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