Strategic Workforce Planning: Redefining the Fine Line Between Vision and Hallucination

Explore concepts personalizing the employment value proposition.
By: | November 19, 2018
Topics: Webinars

Date and time: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 2:30 pm ET

Panelist: Ian Ziskin, President of EXec EXcel Group LLC
Moderator: David Shadovitz, Editor of Human Resource Executive®

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Most Strategic Workforce Planning efforts are well-intended exercises in futility. Inaccurate assumptions, overambitious time frames, impractical tools and the lack of imagination often lead to guesswork and rework. As the saying goes, “a bad process will beat good people 100% of the time.” We can, and need to, do better.

This webinar will address an integrated set of 8 Strategic Workforce Planning lenses designed to promote a more pragmatic approach. We will explore concepts such as external forces of change, pivotal roles and time horizons, personalizing the employment value proposition, shifting from ready now to ready able, and more.

Join Ian Ziskin, president of EXec EXcel Group LLC and former CHRO of two Fortune 100 companies, for an engaging discussion on one of HR’s most vexing challenges. Ian is an author, board advisor, business executive, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and teacher, with expertise in HR, leadership and the future of work.

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