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As more states are legalizing marijuana, how should employers respond?

Nearly half of the U.S. population lives in a state where cannabis is fully legalized.

WEED AT WORK Navigating the Haze of Marijuana Laws

WEED AT WORK Navigating the Haze of Marijuana Laws As marijuana laws continue to sweep the nation, many employers are left wondering how their current...

Maine Bans Marijuana Discrimination

Maine is the first in the nation to protect workers from adverse employment action based on their use of marijuana outside the workplace.

Mental health, addiction go hand in hand—and COVID is making both worse

Employers have a role to play in talking about and treating the problem, says HBLC speaker Cheryl Brown Merriwether of the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education.

Are There Truly More Jobs than People to Fill Them?

We don't have a people problem–we have a retention problem.

Here’s How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Some of HRE's Most Powerful Employment Attorneys offer their thoughts on how HR leaders can help keep their organizations out of trouble.

HR Finally Gets a RoboCop!

Remember when HR was dumped on for focusing on its key role in compliance to the exclusion of everything else? Well, Larry Dunivan has an app for that!

Report: Compliance Issues Continue to Concern Employers

Employers thought compliance stress would ease with the Trump administration.

What Can Elon Musk Learn from Steve Jobs?

What the Apple icon learned after being ousted could also help the Tesla founder regain his reputation.

Here are a Few Ways to Dodge Runaway Wages

Two decades after last facing a tight labor market, employers are once again looking for ways to fill jobs.