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By: | February 9, 2018 • 5 min read
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Mobile Scheduling

UniFocus has introduced Mobile 2.0, the newest version of its mobile-scheduling application.

Designed to streamline employee-manager communication and allow employees to manage their schedules from anywhere at any time, new features include two grid-view calendars that enable employees to view and drop scheduled shifts and see who else is scheduled for particular jobs. Other features include an employee alerts screen that appears automatically upon sign-in on the manager’s home screen; instant views of employees’ pending breaks, late arrivals and absences; and a details screen that allows managers to swipe left to approve or deny a time-off request.


Centralized Employee Data

First Capitol Consulting Inc. is now offering its Humanefits software as an application for QuickBooks Online.

The software is designed to simplify workforce management, recruitment and hiring, payroll administration, and time and attendance tracking. Features of the application include the ability to use time and attendance reports from Humanefits and link them to QuickBooks to process payroll; set work schedules, store sensitive employee data, employment-authorization forms and documents; and retain digital records of offers of benefits to employees in one place, including storage of documents and records of insurance plans and applications.

First Capitol Consulting

Delivering People Analytics

YouEarnedIt has unveiled Insights 2.0, an analytics tool that is designed to provide insights for people managers and HR professionals, gamify engagement for employees and quantify the employee experience.


The application, which compiles data to deliver people analytics to platform administrators, managers and employees, consists of four new analytics views. Engagement uses an insights-scoring algorithm to identify the most and least engaged employees within the organization. Budget provides an end-to-end view of budget allocation. Milestones gives managers and administrators advance notice of anniversaries and birthdays. Unusual Activity provides real-time notifications on activity that seems abnormal.


Tracking Mobile Workers

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. and Going-There Global Destination have collaborated to launch the Weichert Global Organizer, a smartphone application designed to help companies track mobile employees and business travelers to ensure compliance with immigration and tax laws.

Employees and business travelers enter their specific locations and the Weichert Global Organizer automatically begins tracking their time in each location, alerting the employee and HR of pending tax or immigration events such as visa renewal or days in a certain jurisdiction triggering tax liability. Data collected through the app is fed to a portal-based reporting system, giving HR managers real-time access to the activities of all business travelers. In the event of an emergency, HR managers can use the app to locate employees, alert them to danger and, if necessary, evacuate them to a safe place.

Weichert Workforce Mobility

Cloud-Based Benefits Management

Benefitfocus Inc. has announced the winter software release of its cloud-based benefits-management software. The new version includes platform enhancements intended to simplify end-of-year reporting and deliver data-driven insights for 2018 planning.

A couple of the key features are enhanced tracking and reporting of open-enrollment performance and new messaging capabilities within the Benefitfocus Marketplace to support and engage employees during the enrollment process. The company offers training on its winter software release through Benefitfocus University.


A Path for Learning

Cypher Learning has released an upgrade to the Learning Paths feature of MATRIX, its learning-management system for businesses.

The software is designed to be a central hub for all of an organization’s e-learning activities, such as training, evaluating employee performance, facilitating collaboration or selling online courses. As part of this upgrade, Cypher Learning has added new features to Learning Paths that include path templates, archiving, copying, exporting and importing.

Cypher Learning

Next-Gen Cloud Technology

Kronos Inc. recently released its next-generation workforce-management platform, Workforce Dimensions. This new software includes an enhanced user interface and operates through the KronosD5 platform, a cloud architecture designed to handle the challenges of processing global enterprise workforce-management data.       Workforce Dimensions integrates with Outlook and Microsoft Teams, as well as Google Calendar and Sheets, to facilitate communication, scheduling and data dissemination.


Matching and Ranking Candidates

Crowded has unveiled Crowded Refresh, a SaaS platform designed to ensure that employers maximize the value of the candidate data in their applicant-tracking systems.


Using machine learning and proprietary artificial-intelligence algorithms, the platform helps identify the strongest candidates for a position. They are contacted via the Crowded chatbot, matched and ranked for each open job. The platform integrates with applicant-tracking systems from vendors such as Greenhouse, iCIMS, COMPAS, Workable and Bullhorn.


People Analytics

Namely announced the introduction of Namely Analytics, a tool that provides HR with data for making key people decisions.

Namely developed the software to help tackle issues in HR, including attracting and retaining top talent, maintaining a company’s culture during times of growth and offering fair compensation.

The tool generates customizable reports in real time so businesses are in a better position to identify key trends and thereby make better-informed decisions.


Recruiting Cloud Solution

Oracle released its Recruiting Cloud solution, which is designed to enable recruiting organizations to drive proactive campaigns and identify future pipelines of talent.

The software provides internal candidates the ability to access company job opportunities and potential career paths that are available to them. External job candidates, meanwhile, can utilize chatbots to discover more information about positions that would be of interest as well as about the company’s recruiting process.



Performance Management

Bridge by Infrastructure recently launched Bridge Perform, a tool for revamping annual employee reviews.

Bridge Perform, part of the company’s HR management suite, is designed to facilitate regular and more meaningful manager-employee interactions by tracking individual goals, accomplishments and milestones, and capturing peer assessments.

Bridge by Infrastructure

Employee Feedback Software

Achievers, an employee-recognition and engagement-solutions provider, released its latest product: Achievers Listen.

Achievers Listen is designed to continuously capture employee feedback. It enables management to receive feedback from employees on day-to-day issues via check-ins and pulse surveys. Supervisors are able to track trends through manager alerts.

Also included in the product is Allie, an AI “coach” that interacts with employees in a conversational manner.


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