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By: | November 7, 2018 • 2 min read
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Charting a Path for Job Boards

PandoLogic has released a predictive-analytics portal for job advertising, which is available with pandoIQ, the company’s programmatic job-advertising platform for enterprise recruiting. The new portal offers interactive dashboards that chart real-time performance data, showing employers the effectiveness and ROI from their job advertising spend.

Real-time and historical campaign charts show users actual performance, which is measured against predictive benchmarks for the campaign period to highlight all performance data. The portal also gives users updates on job views, applicants, conversion rates, and average cost-per-click and cost-per-applicant rates across all jobs.

A Boost for Workplace Innovation


Corporate learning and development company Kaplan Professional has launched a new assessment tool that aims to help clients measure and enhance workplace innovation. Corporate Innovation Diagnostic is designed to identify aspects of current company practices and culture that deter innovation and offer a personalized program designed to develop the skills, practices and culture needed for innovation.

The tool presents business scenarios and two questions: Do you know the best response, and how confident are you that your answer is correct? Answers are evaluated and reveal who is and isn’t aligned to the most innovative practice. This helps target and tailor training and development to employees who need it most.

Next Gen is Now

Vibe HCM, a provider of HCM and employee-engagement solutions, recently introduced its next-generation platform, which was built using Progressive Web App technology. PWA is designed to provide a fast, reliable and engaging user experience across all devices. It doesn’t require app downloads and also supports offline work.

The platform is available in two bundled packages: Vibe Essentials and Vibe Edge. Essentials provides tools focused on engagement, pay, recruiting and other areas, while Edge is geared toward larger enterprises and is “tuned” for organizations with more complex talent strategies.

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