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By: | April 2, 2018 • 5 min read
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Family-Planning Solution

Willis Towers Watson now offers a comprehensive family and fertility solution that aims to simplify the path to parenthood for employees. This offering provides benefits from two leading family-planning and fertility providers, Ovia Health and Progyny, and supports employees, spouses and partners at every stage of family planning.

Employees have access to services from pre-conception to planning a return to work, and it covers the entirety of a fertility “lifecycle,” including natural conception, artificial-reproductive technology, adoption, surrogacy and fertility preservation.

Ovia Health offers guidance and coaching for natural conception and pregnancy, post-partum and return-to-work. Progyny gives clients access to artificial-reproductive technology, fertility preservation, adoption and surrogacy counseling and reimbursement administration. It also offers emotional and clinical guidance from a dedicated patient-care advocate.

Employee Engagement Enhanced

Limeade has recently thrown its hat in the ring as an employee-engagement platform with the introduction of two new products: Limeade Inclusion+ and Limeade Engagement+.


Limeade Inclusion+ provides software tools for measuring workplace inclusion and offering advice for employees, managers and leaders. Limeade Engagement+ measures employee engagement and provides recommendations to drive action at all levels of the organization. These two products piggyback on Limeade’s newest campaign, “Hearts and Minds at Work,” which addresses the importance of employee engagement through a “well-being lens.”

Taboo Questions Answered

kununu, a platform of employer reviews and ratings, recently launched a Q&A feature that allows users to ask anonymous questions about working at a company.

According to the creators of kununu, the biggest benefit of the Q&A feature is that potential or current employees can ask questions considered too taboo to pose in an interview. Responses come from employees, other candidates or the company itself.

The feature also includes the option to “upvote” answers as helpful. Even if a candidate doesn’t have a question to ask, he or she can read questions and answers from others about a company.

Health Plans, Digitalized

UnitedHealthcare has released a trio of tech solutions for employees enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans. The tools—which include digital onboarding, video tutorials and Apple Pay capability—are intended to improve how employees sign up for health plans, receive benefits information and pay for services with their healthcare-savings accounts.

Employees who utilize an HSA can pay for pharmaceutical and physician co-pays with Apple Pay, and the company also plans to roll out an Android version in mid-2018. As for digital onboarding, employees answer survey questions about wellness services they may be interested in, such as weight loss or smoking cessation. Also included is a video explanation of benefits, which addresses commonly asked healthcare-benefits questions and displays details that pertain to the different tiers of medical coverage in UnitedHealthcare plans.

Streamlining Employee Feedback

Talentegy, an analytics platform, has announced the addition of a feedback and survey-management feature. Clients are able to use it to monitor and optimize user interactions and satisfaction throughout recruiting and other talent-management processes.

Talentegy integrates with a company’s existing HR technology to augment and analyze the talent-management lifecycle to help HR leaders measure, alert and plan talent strategies.

Making Cloud Migration Easier

SAP, an enterprise-software provider, recently released Upgrade2Success, an HCM service geared toward HR leaders looking to move software and data to SAP’s cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors HCM platform.

Among the tools and services included in Upgrade2Success are configuration accelerators, process libraries, and integration and data migration tools, designed to provide a personalized roadmap for the digital transfer of data.

SAP SuccessFactors aims to help clients stay current with technology innovations through updates delivered every quarter, which are designed to allow IT to focus on business innovation rather than customization and maintenance.

Texting Tool for Recruiters

Jobalign, an employee-engagement platform for hourly workers, recently launched a messenger tool designed to improve communication between recruiters and candidates. The Jobalign Candidate Messenger lets recruiters send a text message to candidates they’re interested in—with the texts acting as job applications. For instance, recruiters can send questions to candidates based on required skills for a certain job, such as, “Can you lift 40 pounds?” or “Are you over age 18?”


The messenger tool also allows for voice-recorded responses, designed to be useful for recruiters looking to hire customer-facing employees. The free tool integrates with applicant-tracking systems that have public application-programming interfaces.

Payroll Tax Withholdings Update

In compliance with the IRS’ newly updated tax-withholding tables for 2018 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Paychex updated
the payroll portion of its HCM platform, Paychex Flex. The update allows Paychex clients to submit payroll information using the newest tax withholdings immediately.

The update includes information about the increase in the standard deduction, repeal of personal exemptions and changes in tax rates and brackets. The automatic update means that all payroll submissions will be processed using the new withholdings.

Real-time Employer Contact

Third-party app kendr was designed to allow employees to reach out to their employers to ask questions, file complaints or make suggestions. Employees have the option to remain anonymous or disclose their personal information. Within minutes of their sending a notice through their phone via kendr, the employer is notified. Employees receive an automatic reply confirming the message was received. Employers are notified in real time as each message comes in.

To register, companies create an account with kendr and employees are sent an authentication code to activate the app.

Danielle Westermann King is a former staff writer for HRE.

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