The HR Tech Tsunami: What Does It Mean to You?

Learn about major technology-related disruptions and workforce trends.
By: | March 13, 2019
Topics: Webinars

Date and time: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 2:30 pm ET

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst
Andrew McIlvaine, Senior Editor, Human Resource Executive® moderator

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HR technology is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Cloud-based core HR systems are expanding and growing in number and an increasing number of new companies are building AI-based talent tools to reshape the entire talent management landscape. New players are entering the space, likely leading to the merging of the HR technology and workplace technology markets.

At the same time, companies are throwing money at HR tools, searching for ways to transform their workforce, make people more productive, and improve their quality of hire, skills development, and employee engagement and retention.

Is it any wonder the market grew by an astounding 10% last year?

Drawing on his ongoing research, leading industry analyst Josh Bersin will discuss major technology-related disruptions and workforce trends that all executives – regardless of company size or industry – should factor into their technology strategies and organizational planning. He will look at a number of emerging developments that are impacting enterprises today – from AI-fueled innovations to augmented analytics and organizational network analysis to employee-experience applications.

Bersin, a keynote speaker at this year’s HR Technology Conference, is also the author of “The HR Technology Market 2019: Disruption Ahead,” which is conducted in partnership with LRP and is available to all 2018 HR Tech Conference attendees.

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