HR Tech 2019: Leaders look to partnerships to grow business

More than 300 technology service providers arrived early to engage in 900 one-on-one meetings during the inaugural HR Tech Partnership Summit before the main 2019 HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

HR Tech provided the meeting space and the technology–an app with a robust scheduling platform that streamlined finding partners and booking meetings with them ahead of the 1 1/2-day summit.

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“Alliances contribute to the growth of organizations because they can offer a wider range of services to customers and clients,” said Rebecca McKenna, vice president of Global Events and Publisher of Human Resource Magazine, co-producer of HR Tech. “Two businesses may have products that complement each other. By forming an alliance, they can market both products as a combination deal, leading to better sales for both.”

Interspersed throughout the rapid-fire 15-minute meetups were short general sessions on the 2020 Digital Marketing Brandscape, Understanding the New World of HR Tech Independent Analysts, Mastering Your Marketing Spend, 2020 Digital Marketing Trends and Choosing the Right Software Development Partner, which was hosted by Partnership Summit sponsor Chetu.

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Ben Brooks, CEO of coaching start-up Pilot, said the summit showed a high return on investment given the caliber of attendees, quality of conversations and the “win-win” possibilities identified.

“The HR Tech partnership summit had a unique vibe that’s distinct from some industry events–it was very collaborative, welcoming, supportive, and thoughtful,” Brooks said. “It generated a real sense of close community at an otherwise massive industry event.”