How Emerging Technologies will Power the Future of HR Shared Services

Join us for expert advice and talk on shared services.
By: | September 27, 2018
Topics: Webinars

Date and Time: OnDemand

Panelist Info:
Jim Scully, President, HR Shared Services Institute
Matt Rose, Director, HR Effectiveness North America, Aon
Jeffrey Gore, Sr Director, Product Management, ServiceNow

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Join us for expert advice and talk on how shared services is taking a more active role in driving the digital employee experience.

There’s a renewed focus in HR shared services on how work gets done, but more importantly how freshly minted technologies in SaaS and HR applications are reshaping the experiences HR delivers to the workforce. Ever since consumer-apps like Uber have become ubiquitous, consumers are wanting the same experience at work – yet first-generation HR Shared Services systems that were originally focused on efficiency only, fall short of delivering that.

This webinar will feature insights collected from research conducted by HR Shared Services Institute (HRSSI) and Aon’s HR Effectiveness practice on current practices and the next phase of Shared Services’ role in providing that seamless, consumer-grade, truly digital workforce experience. In attending this webinar, you will gain insight into:

  • the new digital middle man and the rising role of HR shared services
  • how automation and technology is not just for customers, but for employees too
  • the differentiated value of technologies like mobile, AI, bots to drive the next phase of HR service delivery

Beyond citing research findings, presenters from HRSSI, Aon and ServiceNow will provide valuable thought leadership to enhance the data’s meaning. Thus, as participating organizations contemplate their digital futures, this webinar will give them ideas and inspiration as well as factual information. Most important, as a result of this webinar participants will be better equipped to articulate and achieve business value from their investments in the digital employee experience.

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