Help Employees Feel Safe During COVID with Free ID-Theft Protection

In the age of coronavirus, consumers are more vulnerable than ever to identity theft.

Remote-work environments, including poorly secured home networks, pose serious threats to employees’ personal information. Fraudsters are using fake emails and social media posts to commit online crimes. Widespread news reports detail how they’re stealing people’s identities in order to file false unemployment claims.

To help people feel safe during these uncertain times, Identity Theft Partners is arranging a special offer:

  • Six months of free ID-theft protection for the employees of America’s largest companies – specifically, those with 2,000 or more workers.
  • ID-theft protection designed as a voluntary employee benefit that, after the free six-month period, would be paid or partially paid by the employee.
  • Comprehensive coverage deployed in partnership with one of the nation’s largest and most reputable ID-theft protection providers.

With no end in sight to the COVID crisis, employees need to safeguard their identities – which has the added benefit of strengthening corporate data security. Employees who are focused on protecting their personal information – especially those working remotely – are more likely to guard their employers’ data.

For more information, download our new HR-executive briefing, “ID-Theft Protection & Coronavirus: How Employers Can Guard Employees and Corporate Data During the Pandemic.” Identity Theft Partners stands ready to assist.