Find an Easy Button for Your Consumer-Directed Accounts


Faced with the prospect of lower take-home pay, many Americans have a hard time seeing the value of health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible savings accounts (FSAs), emergency savings or other consumer-directed accounts available through their employer. In fact, only one-half of HSA owners regularly contribute to their accounts.

This isn’t good for their financial well-being. And it hurts the employer’s bottom line as well, especially in this economy. Now more than ever, benefits matter. If employees don’t take advantage of them, however, the employer is just wasting money.

On the other hand, HR teams who go out of their way to ensure their employees are making the most of these important benefits demonstrate that they have their employees’ best interests at heart. Best practices they use to achieve this include:

  • Making enrollment easy.
  • Providing ongoing educational support.
  • Aiming for a single experience across all accounts.
  • To learn about these best practices and seven more, read “Find an Easy Button for Your Consumer-Directed Accounts.”

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