Field-tested ideas for improving employee retention and productivity during a recession

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Date & Time: Tuesday, November 29, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Brie Harvey, Achievers Head of Market Research

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Between surging inflation, the looming recession, an unforgiving labor shortage, shifting employee expectations, and rising tensions about hybrid work, fair pay, and social justice issues, it’s looking like 2023 planning is going to involve some guess work on the part of HR.

Even when employee perceptions and expectations aren’t rapidly shifting, predicting which investments will be the most effective for moving the needle on retention and productivity for a given employee population can be a tall order.

On November 29th, join Achievers Head of Market Research, Brie Harvey, in an interactive, dynamic webcast where we’ll explore:

  • Key findings from the Workforce Institute’s “2023 HR Preparedness Report” about high-impact levers for driving productivity and retention in the coming year
  • Specific examples of what progressive organizations are doing to cultivate an employee experience that leaves people feeling seen, heard, and valued
  • The top recommended micro-actions HR leaders can take to optimize retention and productivity while on a tight budget

Brie Harvey is a digital strategist and thought leader with over a decade of experience in the HR technology space. In her current role as Head of Market Research, Brie works with the research arm of Achievers to examine workplace trends and how motivational science can help organizations improve employee engagement and retention.

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