Employee engagement matters: improve experiences and drive down costs through a personalized advocacy solution

The fragmented nature of the U.S. health care system makes it difficult to navigate for the average health care consumer. Even with advancements in care and technology, the health system is more complex than ever.​​

A recent consumer survey found:

  • 62% of consumers said the health care system feels like it is designed to be confusing while​
  • 60% reported their medical bills felt more complex than a mortgage payment​
  • 66% reported feeling like a general contractor managing the many care-related tasks they face​

Lack of navigational support can lead to gaps in care, over or under use of services, as well as result in financial implications across the health ecosystem. For those with chronic conditions or certain social determinants of health, these risks are even more exacerbated. ​​

This e-book, “The role of navigation in simplifying health care” will outline current challenges, the downstream costs of this complexity and how advocacy solutions can simplify the member experience while driving down costs.​

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