Conversations: How Feedback Fosters Well-being at Work

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Date & Time: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 2:00 pm ET


Joe Hirsch, Managing Director, Semaca Partners

Kimberly Northup, Principal Consultant, Workhuman

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65% of HR executives want higher quality check-ins with employees (Brandon Hall Group) and it is well documented that frequent check-ins with managers lead to more engaged, productive employees. In this conversation with Joe Hirsch, the managing director of Semaca Partners specializing in helping leaders communicate with impact, and Kimberly Northup, Workhuman Principal Consultant, we’ll explore the surprising link between performance feedback and workplace well-being. Learn from two industry experts how effective feedback can become a catalyst for emotional fitness, driving more positive and productive dialogue that energizes work, fosters deep connection among teams, and creates a human-centered workplace built on empathy and trust. By developing structured, continuous feedback and a culture of connection, we can enable others to do their best work while experiencing their fullest selves — all while putting people at the center of their career growth and development.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Unleash the full potential of your talent with a strengths-based approach to employee development.
  • Boost workplace well-being through high-touch, high-frequency feedback built around partnership.
  • Foster a culture of connection and belonging that allows people to experience personal and professional wholeness at work.
  • See how agile performance development combined with structured feedback and assessments can create a culture of connection, continuous feedback, and growth – and the Workhuman tools your team   can use to achieve this.

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