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Human Resource Executive Conferences

Virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition®

October 27-30, 2020 | Virtual

Each year, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® attracts all the foremost industry experts, thought leaders from the major and emerging HR consultancies, every important software vendor, senior HR executives, HR generalists, HR systems leaders and more. And that’s no different for 2020, when the conference will be virtual, free and accessible to anyone across the globe. Sessions focus on the business process and organizational success enabled by technology, including what’s changing the way work and HR gets done. Plus, HR Tech is renowned for hosting the world’s largest HR tech marketplace! You’ll be able to explore thousands of products from hundreds of vendors—ranging from established market leaders to HR startups—in a state-of-the-art virtual setting. There is no better way to see the full capabilities of HR technology as you research and compare products side-by-side with real-time answers from the vendors.


Human Resource Executive® Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

April 7-9, 2021 | ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

This is a strategic event focused on healthcare, wellness, benefits and more. HR professionals will gain innovative strategies and practical takeaways aimed at attracting and retaining talent, improving employee well-being and engagement, and increasing worker productivity. Sessions topics cover healthcare, wellness, retirement, work/family and voluntary benefits and technology.