COLLECTION: September 2021 coronavirus news

Sept. 30: Averbook: Talent is the answer, not talent management

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Human resource leaders must look beyond technology to keep employees engaged and satisfied.

Sept. 30: Onwards HR wins 3rd annual Pitchfest competition

A start-up that helps HR automate employee separations has won $25K.

Sept. 30: 2 big tasks coming to HR in the next decade

HR leaders face a pivotal point in the world of work, HR Tech keynote speaker Ravin Jesusathan said.

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Marcus Buckingham speaks at HR Tech.

Sept. 30: HR has a new metric for measuring employee satisfaction 

HR Tech keynoter Marcus Buckingham shared how the new HR Xperience Score can provide insights into HR’s performance.

Sept. 30: HR Tech Number of the Day: Talent acquisition investment

HR and recruitment leaders are on the lookout for more powerful TA tools to streamline the hiring process.

Sept. 30: Why COVID-19 will drive greater spending on HR systems

Sapient Insights’ latest survey shows that a hybrid workforce, L&D, and skills management are among the factors driving the uptick.

Sept. 30: This is one of onboarding’s biggest new obstacles

Remote and hybrid arrangements have meant compliance headaches for bringing new employees into the fold.

Sept. 30: How COVID made the future of work today

From hybrid work to purpose-driven organizations, one expert from SAP shares how the pandemic is rapidly changing the role of the workplace.

Sept. 30: What’s behind the Great Resignation? Blame burnout

Burnout is one of the main culprits driving scores of employees to quit or considering quitting, but what else?

Sept. 29: Trends, talent and other takeaways from Day 2 of HR Tech

Plus, don’t be late: Day 3 begins at 8:30 a.m. with back-to-back keynotes from Marcus Buckingham of ADP and Ravin Jesuthasan of Mercer.

Sept. 29: Two more start-ups advance to the final round of Pitchfest

The six finalists, who will make one last presentation on Thursday, have been chosen. The winner will take home $25K.

Sept. 29: 5 trends revolutionizing the talent acquisition space

Organizations are looking to AI to recruit inside their walls in an effort to stem the Great Resignation.

Sept. 29: 11 more startups compete in Pitchfest round 2

These are the next two finalists moving on to the Pitchfest final.

Sept. 29: HR Tech Number of the Day: HR tech failure rate

Employee adoption is vital to the success of HR tech projects, meaning HR needs to focus on employee experience.

Josh Bersin presents a keynote address Wednesday at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.

Sept. 29: Here’s where Josh Bersin expects the most innovation in HR tech

In his HR Tech keynote, the global industry analyst extolled the virtues of new tech tools but warned that employees can be tough judges.

Sept. 29: These are the new job titles revolutionizing HR

The coming decade will see new HR job roles and responsibilities, and some are needed right now.

Sept. 29: What post-COVID wellness means at HPE

HPE Chief People Officer Alan May shares how the company has evolved its approach to employee wellbeing.

Sept. 29: 3 big ideas from Day 1 of HR Tech–and what’s up next

Industry analyst Josh Bersin will kick off Day 2 with his keynote on ‘The Big Shift Toward Work Tech.’

Sept. 28: Wambach: How HR leaders can change the game

Olympian and soccer icon Abby Wambach talks about the fight for equality and inclusion – and what she values in leadership.

Jody Madala and Adam Yee, co-founders of Culturora, pitch their platform to judges at the 2021 HR Technology Conference & Expo Pitchfest.

Sept. 28: Pitchfest showcases innovation in return at HR Tech

The annual competition for $30,000 in prize money kicked off with solutions for health care, compensation, coaching and more.

Sept. 28: How SAP SuccessFactors addresses women leadership challenges

The women leading SAP SuccessFactors share their stories and describe how COVID pushed the conversation for employee stress and flex work.

Sept. 28: HR Tech Number of the Day: Women’s lost income

The wave of women who left the workplace has had a debilitating impact on the U.S. economy.

Sept. 28: HR’s big task: Getting women back in the workforce

To get 3 million women back, “we’re going to have to be creative,” panelists said at the 2021 HR Tech Conference.

Sept. 28: What can employers do today to stop the €˜She-cession’?

COVID-19 drove women out of the workforce in record numbers. Are they poised to return to the same roles?

Sept. 28: Gen Z is craving financial help. Here’s how HR can intervene

Younger workers are stressed by COVID-related financial troubles, but they also are very open to guidance from their employers.

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Sept. 28: 9 tips for telling workers about your new vaccine mandate

An employer guide to communicating your COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Sept. 27: Boese: How to deliver on your organization’s HR tech promises

Tech investments must be aligned with organizational culture and strategy to truly give employees what they need.

Sept. 27: Don’t miss these 5 HR Tech Conference sessions

Here’s a short list of a few of the keynote and panel sessions that will deliver incomparable HR tech insights.

Sept. 27: Inspiration, data, tips and insights all on tap as HR Tech kicks off

Here’s what attendees are looking forward to learning and discussing at this week’s HR Tech Conference.

Sept. 27: As HR Tech gets underway, here’s how to follow along

From HRE’s daily updates to social media, there are plenty of ways to engage with this year’s content.

Sept. 27: Surcharges, mask mandates: How to motivate the unvaccinated?

Data shows penalties, like those Delta recently announced, is one way to move the needle on vaccination rates.

Sept. 24: Are you part of the new C-suite duo?

It’s time for the CHRO and CFO to get a lot closer.

Sept. 24: HR Tech Conference 2021: My last-minute advice for HR Tech attendees

Five tips to maximize your time at the event from program chair Steve Boese.

Sept. 23: HR Tech Number of the Day: Job application hurdles

Fortune 500 companies are guilty of having overly complex, time-consuming and confusing requirements for job seekers.

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Sept. 23: 5 ways to engage workers, limit departures in the €˜turnover tsunami’

Cornerstone’s chief talent officer offers strategies to help you avoid the tsunami altogether.

Sept. 23: How data is driving the exploding internal talent marketplace

HR leaders cannot sit by as valuable employees head for the exit when a perfect role already exists for them inside their company, Josh Bersin advises. Can data help?

Sept. 22: Your culture has changed–here’s how to shape it for the future

As employee expectations around workplace flexibility continue to grow, CHROs are scrambling to ensure their organizational cultures are able to support such shifts.

Sept. 22: Employers agree: The Great Resignation is a €˜real and present’ danger

Nearly three-quarters of employers surveyed by Indeed say they are struggling to hire.

Sept. 22: How Dawn Foods is delivering on both a frontline and remote EX

CHRO Jason Lioy says leaders need to understand employees’ diverse needs to provide the EX they deserve.

Sept. 22: 6 ways to create a people-first office after the pandemic

The workforce’s changing needs mean that HR leaders need to do considerable legwork before bringing employees back to the office.

Sept. 21: A lost generation of working women: How can HR bring them back?

Women in HR Tech speaker Christine Tao believes technology plays a role in coaching women so they can return to the workforce stronger than before.

Sept. 21: 3 opportunities to reimagine how we think about diversity

Diversity 2.0 requires that HR leaders shift their mindsets and tap into new skills.

Sept. 21: Fearing the Great Resignation? Focus on your people

Two HR transformation experts suggest that prioritizing your workforce’s needs can turn today’s retention challenge into an opportunity.

Sept. 20: Brooks: HR, it’s time to go big on your budget requests this year

With all the new expectations for HR, leaders should be asking for the investments they need.

Sept. 20: The HR tech start-up market is booming. What that means for HR

Ambitious technologists are rushing to create the next standout HR app–and they might be found at the HR Tech Conference’s Pitchfest next week.

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Sept. 20: Why return-to-work is putting HR and people leaders in charge

‘This is a sea change that will remain long after the pandemic subsides,’ this author writes.

Sept. 17: HR tech news this week: Sept. 13-17

Check out the 2021 Top HR Products, learn why MGM is betting big on VR, and read about why you ignore emerging HR tech at your peril, among other top stories.

Sept. 17: Benefits news you may have missed: Sept. 13-17

From how to get ahead of Biden’s new vaccine mandate to how DEI, the Great Resignation and COVID are changing benefits, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Sept. 17: How can HR leaders ensure a safe, successful holiday hiring season?

This CEO predicts challenges ahead and suggests HR will need forward-thinking hiring offerings to attract talent.

Sept. 17: HR Tech Number of the Day: Modern mentoring tools 

Companies have adopted digital transformation for nearly all business sectors, but HR lags in some areas.

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Sept. 16: 5 ways to get ahead of Biden’s new employer vaccine mandate

Although critical questions remain, HR leaders should take steps now to prepare for what’s coming in the OSHA rules, employment law experts advise.

Sept. 16: Sage-Gavin: What leaders need to know to thrive in uncertain times

Putting our people at the heart of our work is key to any new model of leadership.

Sept. 16: Why help is essential as Delta worsens employee mental health

Joe Grasso, director of workforce mental health for Lyra Health, says training managers, teaching resilience and promoting mental health programs are vital.

Sept. 15: Is virtual reality HR’s solution to employee engagement, retention?

MGM Resorts CHRO Laura Lee shares tips for improving EX and scaling training using VR technology.

Sept. 15: How Citi is taking DE&I to the next level

Gender-neutral parental leave policies, transparency around pay equity and more are at the heart of the global bank’s HR work, says CHRO Sara Wechter.

Sept. 15: Bersin: These are the 2 disruptions revolutionizing coaching

Competition is fierce in the coaching tech market.

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Sept. 14: Number of the day: return-to-office delays

A majority of employers are rethinking their return-to-work timing due to the Delta variant. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

Sept. 14: Why this HR leader wants a tech solution to engage employees

Citrix, which provides secure remote technology, was in the catbird seat for the pandemic but it still had to deliver solutions for its remote workforce.

Sept. 14: 3 ways to redesign knowledge work for a hybrid world

A hybrid future means traditional, office-based work models need to be revamped.

Sept. 14: HR Tech 2021: The signs of continuing innovation in HR technology

Top HR Products reveal the growing importance of HR tech in workplaces today.

Sept. 13: How DEI, the Great Resignation are changing benefits

The pandemic, hot job market, a DEI focus and more are driving a sharp increase in employers planning to customize their strategies.

Sept. 13: Can religious beliefs get employees out of vaccine mandates?

Here’s a look at the employment law on religious accommodations from a legal expert.

Sept. 13: HR Tech and HRE announce the 2021 Top HR Products

The 13 winners of this year’s Top HR Products competition highlight the direction HR technology is headed.

Sept. 10: 6 experts on what Biden’s vaccine mandate means for HR

Here are insights and suggestions for what HR leaders should do to respond right now.

Sept. 10: HR tech news this week: Sept. 6-10

From how 9/11 informed HR’s response to COVID-19 to AI’s role in stopping the Great Resignation, here are this week’s tech stories.

Sept. 10: HR tech Number of the Day: hiring bias 

A new study finds that a majority of firms, though desperate to hire, are rejecting viable job candidates early in the process.

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Sept. 9: Vaccine mandates now required: What to know about Biden’s new rules

‘We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers,’ the president said Thursday.

Sept. 9: 6 policies to help HR be more strategic about culture

An organization’s process for building culture is just as important as it is for sales, finance and operations, says author David Friedman.

Sept. 9: What 9/11, COVID taught about human-centric leadership

While there are major differences between the two tragedies, there’s plenty for HR leaders to learn about today’s crisis by reflecting on 9/11.

Sept. 8: €˜The ultimate HR act:’ These lessons from 9/11 remain relevant today

Two decades later, HR leaders are dealing with a different, more disruptive crisis but one that is also testing what it means to address employee needs.

Sept. 8: How this HR leader rolled out a new HCM tool amid a pandemic and a merger

In a Q&A, Optimizely’s chief people officer also discusses building corporate culture when workers are remote.

Sept. 8: How Discover is using DE&I to build its leadership pipeline

Chief Diversity Officer Jonita Wilson shares the company’s recent efforts toward ambitious DEI goals for representation in leadership and more.

Pilot Coaching CEO Ben Brooks accepts the winner’s check at HR Tech 2019’s Pitchfest.

Sept. 7: HR Tech Conference 2021: The return of a conference favorite

After being sidelined by the pandemic last year, Pitchfest is back this year to crown the top HR tech start-up.

Sept. 7: The Delta threat is soaring. Will vaccination mandates surge too?

Employers are quickly rethinking their approach to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, research from Willis Towers Watson finds.

Sept. 7: Still hiring for €˜culture fit’? It’s time to think again

The pandemic has shown that we can hire better.

Sept. 3: Benefits news you may have missed: Aug. 30-Sept. 3

From strategies for combatting burnout to more employers considering healthcare cost hikes for unvaccinated employees, here are some of this week’s top stories.

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Sept. 3: 6 strategies to improve the onboarding process for hybrid workers

These approaches will help ensure employees are successful from day one, writes this ServiceNow leader.

Sept. 3: Surcharges for the unvaccinated: Will employer interest grow?

After months of embracing incentives, employers are considering penalties on the non-vaccinated in an effort to boost vaccination rates.

Sept. 2: 5 must-haves to win the post-pandemic war for talent

Bank of America shares ways to rebuild your workforce and maximize success.

Sept. 1:What role do culture and morale play in vaccine mandates?

While more organizations are considering mandates, they’re not doing so without worry, according to a new survey.

Sept. 1: Agility is this company’s secret to hiring during COVID-19

One Call’s Terri Lewis shares how the organization has a “completely different” recruiting and hiring strategy today.

Sept. 1: Here’s why AI is making HR pros indispensable

3 ways artificial intelligence is allowing HR leaders to drive organizational success.