COLLECTION: May 2021 coronavirus news

May 28: Benefits news you may have missed: May 24-28

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From how employers can address anxiety over CDC mask guidance to Amazon’s new mental health benefit, here are some of this week’s top stories.

May 28: How 4 prominent employers are building gender and race equity

Leaders at Amazon Web Services, BDO, Wyndham and the National Security Administration share how they’ve boosted DEI efforts.

May 28: Number of the day: skipping medical care

Nearly half of Americans say they are foregoing healthcare due to medical costs. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

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May 28: Boese: 3 HR technologies that can help employers struggling to hire

Focus on the basics to get more people back to work.

May 27: 4 reasons managers dread tough talks and how HR leaders can help

These strategies can encourage leaders to make the most of difficult performance and other conversations—and enhance the greater good.

May 27: How Verizon hopes to level the playing field for working women

The telecom giant recently unveiled a new ‘collaborative career engine’ for women everywhere.

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May 27: New CDC mask guidance is upping employee anxiety. Now what?

Three keys for how employers can help workers navigate another stressful transition.

May 26: More employers are turning to this incentive to encourage vaccines

About half of organizations say they’re offering employees PTO to get COVID jabs, i4cp research finds.

May 26: How Datasite’s CHRO focuses on talent in the tech market

Deb LaMere says the company has continuously evolved its HR strategy to meet the needs of employees this year.

May 26: Return-to-workplace worries are affecting employee mental health

‘The pandemic isn’t over and the prospect of returning to work is stressful,’ says one expert.

May 26: Number of the day: benefits knowledge

Employees don’t understand benefits. Here’s how HR leaders can fix that, says one expert.

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May 26: Cappelli: No, HR, we don’t have a ‘labor shortage’ crisis

Employees are being blamed for a problem that has largely been created by employers.

May 25: Why hiring tech is necessary but can have dangerous implications

These three areas of concern merit attention and a plan to combat bias, this expert writes.

May 25: Why you should consider offering an emergency savings program

Employees of every background need to save and improve their financial wellbeing–and they’re looking to employers for help.

May 24: HR Tech Number of the Day: digital employee experience

While the C-suite is increasingly recognizing the need for better DEX, employees are still struggling and think it needs more attention from leaders.

May 24: How HR needs to think about FMLA in a post-COVID reality

Employers are urged to move ahead with caution when considering workplace policies.

May 24: 4 benefits that will help workers improve their financial health

COVID-19 accelerated the importance of providing tailored financial benefits for employees.

May 21: Amazon takes big step in improving employees’ mental health

The online retailer’s new benefit is significant as it’s one of the largest U.S. employers.

May 21: Benefits news you may have missed: May 17-21

From 2022 HSA contribution limits to 10 takeaways from our benefits conference, here are some of this week’s top stories.

May 21: 3 HR practices that IBM relies on for constant growth

New CHRO Nickle LaMoreaux recently shared the company’s approach to ongoing people innovation.

May 21:What HR can do to support ‘long-haul’ COVID survivors

Understanding the legal context for this new condition, as well as the stigma surrounding it, is key.

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May 21: Why employers are struggling with their return to office plans

Employees and employers are at odds on remote and hybrid work post-COVID; HR has an important role.

May 21: 3 strategies to help you build a post-pandemic wellness program

Fitbit’s Georgia McDermott highlighted the transformation of corporate wellness during the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 20: Despite COVID-19, employees are still saving for retirement

But employers should be cognizant of financial challenges for women.

May 20:Brooks: Will hybrid work be heaven–or a horror show?

Hybrid work models appear to be the new normal, but is HR actively shaping the employee experience in this new context?

May 20: ‘Shocking’ number of leaders aren’t focused on COVID-19 vaccines

A new survey contradicts recent views that most companies will stay remote this year until workers have been inoculated.

May 19: What do the new CDC mask guidelines mean for employers?

One expert advises that employers ‘proceed with caution.’

May 19: Fostering connection and collaboration is HR’s next big challenge

Sedgwick’s Michelle Hay explores HR priorities in a post-pandemic world.

May 18: ‘Long overdue for systemic change,’ benefits to get new focus this year

The pandemic and its challenges are making HR leaders rethink what benefits they offer employees.

May 18: How burnout nearly ruined this exec’s life

At the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, Michael Levitt shares a message all HR leaders need to hear.

May 18:Sage-Gavin: This is our chance to rework it all

Returning to the workplace won’t €œwork€ unless it works for our people.

May 17: How COVID-19 has altered HR leadership

Empathy and vulnerability are among the traits HR execs should embrace, Edward Jones’s CHRO said during the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 14: 10 big lessons from HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Here are the key highlights from the virtual event.

May 14: 4 ways the pandemic has already changed employer healthcare

Kaiser Family Foundation shared insights on healthcare spending and use during this week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 14: What this plane crash survivor wants HR to know about stress

Tara Scott shared her personal journey of overcoming stress at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 14: HR Tech Number of the Day: virtual meeting fatigue

Employees are attending up to seven additional meetings per week now that they’re working remotely, a new study shows.

May 13: Bersin: 5 changes for recruiting in a post-pandemic economy

Don’t think about hiring as the only way to grow.

May 13: Why infrastructure policy could affect your benefit plans

Public policy and benefits are connecting ‘in ways that we’ve never seen before,’ Health & Benefits Leadership Conference keynoter Jim Klein said.

May 13: Arianna Huffington: HR, here’s the first step in employee resilience

Leaders must start with self-care to build strong, adaptable cultures, the Thrive and HuffPo founder said at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 13: What this company learned from revamping benefits for COVID-19

TIAA CHRO Sean Woodroffe shared the organization’s experience at this week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 13: 3 ways HR is using tech to be more strategic

And why there’s still plenty of room for improvement, according to speakers at this week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 13: Why HR, benefits leaders need to ‘detach’ from the pandemic

Leaders at EY and Johnson & Johnson say it’s time to move from transition to true transformation.

May 12: Top highlights from Day 2 of benefits conference

Speakers shared tools, ideas and personal stories for improving employee wellbeing at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 12: The $400 problem: Improving employee financial wellness

Before employees can achieve financial freedom, they need a secure foundation. HBLC speaker Melissa Gopnik shares tips for building a successful program.

May 12: Improving workplace mental health must be a strategic imperative

Before COVID, a mental health pandemic already existed. And while employers got out front early, employees still need a lot of help.

May 12: Final day of benefits conference looks to industry future

From strategic benefits to what’s happening in D.C., the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference closes with a look at what’s to come.

May 12: Number of the Day: EAP reliance

The Hartford shared results of its ‘Future of Benefits’ study during this week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 12: How emergency savings can strengthen workers’ bonds with employers

Personal finance guru Suze Orman shares how these benefits can support employee stability.

May 12: How better benefits design can address racial inequities

The events of the last year have spotlighted a long-ignored crisis in benefits design, panelists say at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

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May 12: 5 ways to help your hybrid workforce succeed

Trust and technology are key, Upwork chief people officer Zoë Harte said during the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 12:How Medtronic is working to ‘amplify the impact’ of its DEI focus

CHRO Carol Surface shares this global company’s evolving approach and impressive pay equity stats.

May 11: 3 takeaways from the first day of our benefits conference

Benefits leaders have never had a more challenging, yet impactful, role, experts said.

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May 11: What the research says about top COVID vaccine strategies

Employers remain focused on getting workers vaccinated, i4cp analyst Carol Morrison says at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 11: Mental health, DEI on tap for Day 2 of benefits conference

All aspects of wellness get attention as the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference continues.

May 11: The ‘golden age of benefits’ is coming. Here’s what it means

The pandemic has accelerated needed shifts, analyst John Sumser said at this week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 11: Joan Lunden: Lack of paid leave for workers ‘makes no sense’

Former ‘Good Morning America’ host advocates for caregiving support at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 11: HBLC to kick off with focus on caregiving, vaccine policy

The changing benefits space takes center stage as our Health & Benefits Leadership Conference begins Tuesday.

May 10: Benefits conference to kick off with focus on caregiving, vaccine policy

The changing benefits space takes center stage as our Health & Benefits Leadership Conference begins Tuesday.

May 7: Benefits news you may have missed: May 3-7

From a look at COVID-19 vaccine mandates to 5 reasons to attend the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, here are some of the week’s top stories.

May 6: Averbook: ‘Unlearning’ is the best way to emerge from this crisis

A crisis like the pandemic can provide the perfect opportunity to accelerate growth and change business for the better.

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May 6: 4 foundations for effectively sourcing and retaining freelancers

As project work expands, HR needs to create new models for independent talent, experts say.

May 6: Number of the Day: Speakers at ‘HRE’ benefits conference

Dozens of industry leaders will be speaking next week during the free, virtual Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 5: What the 2030 workforce could look like without reskilling

A new report predicts a major swing in talent scarcity for some skill sets.

May 5: How G6 Hospitality creates a welcoming place–for all

‘Leaving the light on’ is a tagline that refers to travelers but also extends to the workforce, says CHRO Sherry Vidal-Brown.

May 5: How to use employee benefits to tackle–not perpetuate–racism

Speakers at next week’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference will share how benefits can advance racial equity.

May 4: 5 tips to help reduce employee stress

For Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some self-care ideas for HR leaders to share–and perhaps try out themselves.

May 4: HR Tech Number of the Day: Remote workflows

While many employees are adjusting to asynchronous schedules, employers haven’t yet adjusted their tech strategies.

May 4: 5 reasons to attend the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Suze Orman, Joan Lunden and Arianna Huffington are among the dynamic speakers during the virtual event.

May 3: Here’s why the founder of Thrive Global is talking benefits

Arianna Huffington joins the lineup for our upcoming Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

May 3: When diversity isn’t enough: Building the case for inclusion

Hiring goals are just a starting point, this Randstad expert writes.