COLLECTION: June 2021 coronavirus news

June 30: Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?

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A new survey finds that current events are driving up ER issues, causing even more demand for analytics solutions.

June 30: Why this CHRO wants to shine a light on organizational purpose

Castlight Health’s Richa Gupta says alignment with purpose is more important now than ever.

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June 30: As offices reopen, employees still want masks; what can HR do?

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New data about preferences on masks at on-site work locations has implications for employers.

June 29: HR Tech Number of the Day: data-driven diversity

A new report advocates for leveraging metrics to hold leadership more accountable for DEI goals.

June 29: Why resilience should be one of HR’s top priorities

HR Tech keynoter Marcus Buckingham shares his latest research on what he says is a ‘hugely significant’ issue for HR.

June 28: HRE’s number of the day: remote job salary demands

A majority of workers say they would leave their jobs if compensated less for working remotely. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

June 28: HR Tech Conference 2021: How workforce tech needs to evolve

At this year’s live event, get ideas, insights, research and actionable plans to help HR and business leaders best position their organizations moving forward.

June 25: How optimism about worker finances is presenting HR a ‘great opportunity’

Employees are focusing more on saving and retirement–and are leaning on their employer for help, a new report finds.

June 24: 3 questions to help HR support employee advocacy

Employees’ investments in themselves relate directly to productivity and happiness, writes Top 100 HR Tech Influencer Tyrone Smith Jr.

June 24: 7 steps HR needs to take today to beef up cybersecurity

And how one data protection company has embedded cybersecurity into its DNA.

June 24: How technology will be pivotal in the new ‘future of work’

The future of work arrived quicker than anticipated, and tech can help HR keep up, says HR Tech keynoter Ravin Jesuthasan.

June 23: How Bumble, others are fighting burnout with collective time off

The dating app is the latest to turn to time off for its workers to help them recover from pandemic-related stress, longer work hours.

June 23: Why ‘diverse talent and big ideas’ are key to this company’s HR strategy

Zebra Technologies’ Jeff Schmitz shares how the organization is navigating disruption.

June 23: 4 strategies to combat distrust as you return to the workplace

Organizations need to help workers feel heard, safe, supported–and excited to come back, Hyland Software’s CHRO writes.

June 23: Is HR tech the key to fixing the women’s workforce crisis?

Experts will dive into that topic at the Women in HR Tech Summit at HR Tech.

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June 22: Pandemic-fueled PTSD is hijacking worker focus

Here’s what experts recommend for organizations trying to combat the trend.

June 22: HR Tech Conference 2021: Looking ahead to ‘finally getting back to our lives’

Conference chair Steve Boese reflects on pandemic-era HR tech–and looks to the fall in-person event.

June 22: Number of the day: employee wellbeing

More than a year later, employee wellbeing hasn’t rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

June 21: Bersin: Don’t overlook these 8 factors in creating your new hybrid plan

These considerations may be less obvious, but they’re key to hybrid success.

June 18: Benefits news you may have missed: June 14-18

From the latest on vaccine education and mandates to return-to-the-workplace anxiety, here are this week’s top stories.

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June 18: HRE’s number of the day: women leaving the workforce

A majority of working moms are planning to remain at home as full-time caregivers. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

June 18: HR tech news this week: June 14-18

From who’s using work communication tools the most to how the pandemic is reshaping HR technology, here’s what you might have missed this week.

June 17: How General Mills is relying on neuroscience to tackle worker stress

The company gave its on-site factory workers a say in the rewards they received during the early days of the pandemic.

June 17: Cut workers’ fear of COVID-19 vaccines with these 4 strategies

Employers can reduce vaccine-hesitancy while showing employees they care about their total wellbeing.

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June 17: Walmart’s new workforce app provides a look into the future

This kind of employee experience app is ‘where work software is headed,’ says one analyst.

June 16: HR Tech Number of the Day: work communication tools

There are big differences in the tech used by younger employees and business leaders.

June 16: What’s the latest on whether employers will require COVID vaccines?

Despite some shifts, most organizations aren’t planning to mandate shots.

June 16: How a female engineer became this company’s first chief talent officer

ThoughtWorks’ Joanna Parke says the journey was a natural one.

June 15: How Josh Bersin believes the pandemic will reshape HR tech

The HR Tech Conference keynoter shares insights about market shifts, the labor crisis and more.

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June 15: How employers can help ease return-to-the-workplace anxiety

Step one? Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge, says Dr. Rachelle Scott, a psychiatrist and medical director of psychiatry at Eden Health.

June 15: This ‘people connector’ knows the value of empathy

HR’s Rising Stars: John Klein of Maxim Integrated has used his own personal challenges to become a better leader.

June 15: Why people, processes and problem solving drive this leader

HR’s Rising Stars: Freddie Mac’s Judy Huie has a penchant for processes, which has enabled HR to stay strategically focused.

June 15: How a career change to HR put this leader on the right path

HR’s Rising Stars: Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Carrie Wadman moved from academia into HR, with smashing results.

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June 15: Want to get employees traveling again? HR needs to educate

As business travel begins to take off post-pandemic, that’s the key to easing workers’ fears, Alaska Airlines CHRO says.

June 14: How ‘The Finisher’ relies on respect, trust to lead through influence

HR’s Rising Stars: A former hospitality employee, Jennifer Singman of Kapsch TrafficCom says her past career prepared her for a future in HR.

June 14: How COVID encouraged this leader to innovate, perform under pressure

HR’s Rising Stars: ClearCompany’s Angie Wideman-Powell got creative with everything from retention to enhanced DE&I efforts and more.

June 14: How this ‘through-the-ranks’ leader excels with agility, empathy

HR’s Rising Stars: Erik Alicea of Acacia Network is on a fast track to leadership.

June 14: A $30K raise or remote work forever? Employees want remote

Employees from leading companies weighed in on a recent survey. Here’s what it means for HR leaders.

June 11: Benefits news you may have missed: June 7-11

From strategies to encourage COVID-19 vaccination to a new mortgage insurance benefit, here are some of this week’s top stories.

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June 11: HR’s most critical leadership concern? Developing women

The urgency of developing women leaders has risen nearly 20 points since before COVID, according to a recent survey.

June 11: HR Tech Number of the Day: HR Tech Conference tracks

The event explores the latest trends in AI, wellbeing, DE&I and more.

June 11: Get ready for some legal headaches with your hybrid workforce

Here are a few legal do’s and don’ts if you’re going hybrid.

June 10: How much are employers investing in wellness programs?

The average increased about $1 million over the past year, a new report finds.

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June 10: Rainbow logos alone aren’t enough to support LGBTQ workers

Indeed CHRO Paul Wolfe knows the impact of exclusionary cultures firsthand.

June 10: Number of the day: mental health help barriers

Many employees report that cost is the greatest barrier to mental health improvement. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

June 10: PwC’s COVID response was driven by wellbeing; Here’s why

The professional services firm pivoted benefits, leave policies and more to focus acutely on wellness.

June 9: Here’s how one CHRO is creating a more ‘human workplace’

Workhuman’s mission has become even more integral since the pandemic, says CHRO Steve Pemberton.

June 9: HR Tech Conference is back in person this fall. Here’s what’s on tap

Pandemic-driven innovation will be showcased at the Las Vegas event.

June 8: 3 first steps for creating a post-COVID workplace

Employee health and safety should drive all strategies, says Premise Health’s COO.

June 8: AI will make traditional HR extinct; How to prepare for what’s next

CHRO Sonia Mathai of Globality explains how AI complements human resources to help the function work faster and smarter.

June 8: Mayer: HR leaders need to step up on COVID-19 vaccines

Inoculation is the safest way to reopen offices and get back to normal, but too many organizations are still not prioritizing vaccines. It’s time to change that.

June 7: Company debuts innovative benefit to help with housing costs

Redwood Trust believes this benefit will attract a more diverse workforce and boost employee retention.

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June 7: Want to get workers vaccinated? Try these 6 strategies

Education and incentives aren’t the only approaches employers are taking.

June 4: Benefits news you may have missed: June 1-4

From what new EEOC vaccine guidance means for HR leaders to SAP’s new flexible work policy, here are some of this week’s top stories.

June 4: Sumser: Is celebrity marketing in HR tech a benefit or distraction?

From Prince Harry to Serena Williams, big names are jumping into the space.

June 4: 5 insights to help HR with workforce planning in the COVID age

Lessons learned in 2020 can strengthen employer relationships with employees, whether they’re relocating, working remotely or gig partners.

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June 3: How Bank of America has innovated to support disabled employees

Remote work required by COVID has put a unique strain on such workers, which the company has sought to alleviate.

June 3: Why SAP is embracing flexible work for its 100K employees

The software giant’s move comes as scores of research finds that employees do not want to return to the office full-time.

June 2: This type of skill will be essential in the future of work

‘Human,’ or soft, skills are able to transfer across jobs and industries.

June 2: Number of the day: returning to the office

The vast majority of employers say they have a tentative date to bring workers back. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

June 2: What MetricStream is doing for stressed and burned out workers

Throughout the pandemic, CHRO Seema Iyer has drawn on her more than two decades of experience.

June 1: What new EEOC vaccine incentive guidance means for HR leaders

More companies will likely turn to rewards to encourage inoculation, experts predict.

Jun 1: HR Tech Number of the Day: employee surveillance

Most employers are monitoring remote workers’ digital activity–but it could be to their detriment.

June 1: Burnout is continuing to rise; is HR doing enough?

‘After enduring more than a year of long hours and little time off, many workers are feeling burned out and need a break,’ one expert says.