COLLECTION: January 2021 coronavirus news

Jan. 29: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 25-29

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From how employers are addressing racial health inequities to why an employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate could spark a backlash, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Jan. 29: Soundbite: ‘Don’t skip’ annual exams, screenings

Experts worry that employees avoiding preventive care during COVID-19 will result in a sharp rise in cancers, other conditions.

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Jan. 29: Employers must ‘lean in more diligently’ on racial health inequities

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How HR leaders from McDonald’s and the City of Gary are helping Black employees through COVID-19 and more.

Jan. 28: 4 ways organization design can enable the hybrid workplace

Take these opportunities today to ensure success for your hybrid plans, Gartner experts say.

Jan. 28: Brooks: HR, focus on your own damn goals

HR leaders must not cheat themselves out of their own performance management and professional development.

Jan. 28: More employers planning to encourage COVID-19 vaccines

A new survey finds that most organizations plan to provide education on vaccines, will promote shots to employees.

Jan. 27: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Jen Benz

Work this year probably will be ‘messy, confusing and challenging’ but also inspiring and rewarding, she writes.

Jan. 27: Here’s what employees are looking for from their employers

Workers want more assistance with saving for retirement and balancing work/life issues.

Jan. 27: Boese: 3 realities about today’s HR tech market

In a marketplace where solutions are simultaneously improving and converging, leaders have to think more expansively when evaluating HR tech.

Jan. 27: How this tech enthusiast became an HR leader

HireVue’s Andy Valenzuela says helming the people function for the HR technology platform brings his career full-circle.

Jan. 26: HRE’s number of the day: pandemic-related resignations

Workers plan to resign over employers’ handling of COVID-19, survey finds.

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Jan. 26: Why Target is extending COVID benefits, handing out another bonus

The retailer says it spent $1 billion more in 2020 on the health, safety and wellbeing of employees compared to 2019.

Jan. 25: Averbook: How to design a digital-change experience that sticks

Making progress permanent requires ‘humanizing work by meeting people where they are,’ industry analyst writes.

Jan. 25: HRE’s number of the day: COVID vaccine worries

A majority of employees are concerned about side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jan. 25: 6 ways organizations can optimize their talent acquisition budget

Organizations looking to curb costs in 2021 should examine their TA spend.

Jan. 22: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 18-22

From how employers can encourage workers to get a COVID vaccine to why HR is investing in caregiving benefits, here are some of the week’s top stories.

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Jan. 22: Why an employer vaccine mandate could spark backlash from workers

A number of employees say they would consider leaving their employer if they required vaccination.

Jan. 22: 6 questions on the future of L&D with Microsoft’s learning leader

Joe Whittinghill shares the value of a learning culture during turbulent times.

Jan. 22: Are we losing ground on gender balance in the workforce?

Six actions employers can take to support workers of all genders.

Jan. 21: How remote work is creating a new role for managers

In this new environment, a manager should be “less of a boss and more of a leader,” with a focus on trust, says one remote work expert.

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Jan. 21: What Unum’s new caregiving benefit says about employer priorities

The benefits firm recently upped its commitment to caregiving employees.

Jan. 21: How HR can tackle CEOs’ biggest stressors

A new survey finds that U.S. executives are most concerned about COVID-19, vaccines and a possible recession.

Jan. 20: How Biden’s first executive actions will affect HR

COVID-19 and workplace discrimination actions have employers paying attention.

Jan. 20: Sage-Gavin: Why 2021 is the year of change

Where there’s change, there’s an opportunity to make things better.

Jan. 20: Wellbeing, ‘courageous conversations’ at heart of this CHRO’s strategy

Ayana Champagne of Ferring Pharmaceuticals says the recent HR challenges have refocused the company’s investment in its people.

Jan. 19: What the Biden inauguration means for HR leaders

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in Wednesday in Washington, D.C., marking an employee-friendly switch for HR.

Jan. 19: No. 1 way to encourage workers to get COVID-19 vaccine? Education

Experts say organizations need to have a robust communication strategy in place to promote vaccination.

Jan. 19: HRE’s number of the day: mental health help

Nearly half of employees said they considered getting treatment because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan. 17: Here’s how HR can lead a ‘culture renovation’

i4cp’s Kevin Oakes has penned a new book that he says offers a blueprint for making sustainable culture change.

Jan. 15: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 11-15

From how one retailer is encouraging its workers to get a COVID vaccine to the most-coveted employee benefits, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Jan. 15: 4 ideas to help HR bridge the ‘future of work’ gap

While research shows executives and employees don’t always agree on the best path forward for post-COVID-19 ways of working, there’s still opportunity.

Jan. 15: 4 steps to help employees thrive in trying times

A new report offers advice to help HR support employees during arguably the most stressful, and dangerous, period in U.S. history.

Jan. 14: Sumser: Health and safety are at the heart of business continuity

‘We are not going back to the way it was.’

Jan. 14: These are the benefits employees want most

The top-rated non-insurance benefits revolve around time away from work, new research finds.

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Jan. 13: This retailer will pay workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine

It’s one of the first announcements by an employer of how they are encouraging workers to get vaccinated.

Jan. 13: ‘Employees are watching’ how HR responds to the riots

Many HR leaders are now facing questions about what to do if workers participated in last week’s violent insurrection.

Jan. 13: Bersin: 5 positive lessons HR learned in 2020

Last year was an eye-opening one for HR leaders.

Jan. 13: How S&P Global used a people-first mindset to reprioritize in 2020

CHRO Dimitra Manis shares how the organization revamped its recruiting site amid the challenges of the pandemic.

Jan. 12: Averbook: Why 2021 is the Year of ‘Re-‘

HR should use 2020 as a wake-up call.

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Jan. 12: Most employers now deciding if they’ll require COVID-19 vaccines

The majority of organizations say they are contemplating whether to mandate vaccinations for their employees.

Jan. 11: HRE’s number of the day: Focus on employee health

Human resources and benefits professionals say that helping employees maintain their health and wellbeing was a much higher priority in 2020.

Jan. 11:3 tips for managing long-term remote work in 2021

With more organizations making remote work permanent, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Jan. 11: TIAA offering employees at-home COVID testing

As rates of the virus soar, the firm is encouraging its workers to take advantage of a new, free testing option.

Jan. 8: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 4-8

From 7 benefit trends to watch in 2021 to how HR can ease employee angst following the Capitol riots, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Jan. 8: What can HR, employers expect from a Biden administration agenda?

With the Georgia Senate election results cementing Democrats’ control of Washington, HR leaders can expect more employee-friendly policies under Biden.

Jan. 8: How 4 HR leaders think benefits will change in 2021

After the last year, the world of benefits will never look quite the same, experts say.

Jan. 7: What happens when COVID-19 and addiction collide?

Employers need to be part of the solution for this growing crisis.

Jan. 6: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Heidi Spirgi

The connection between personalized learning and high-performing organizations can’t be overstated, Cornerstone’s chief marketing and strategy officer says.

Jan. 6: Cappelli: Cutting pay for remote workers isn’t a real fairness strategy

Some Silicon Valley organizations are recalculating pay for workers who live in lower-cost areas.

Jan. 6: Why ‘just keep swimming’ became the 2020 mantra for this CHRO

Appian Corp. CHRO Dawn Mitchell says HR’s resilience through this year’s obstacles has been impressive.

Jan. 5: COVID-19 has workers paying more attention to their 401(k)s

Despite some good signs over the last year, experts warn the pandemic still could have negative repercussions on workers’ retirement savings.

Jan. 5: Mayer: 7 benefit trends to watch in 2021

From COVID-19 vaccine support to increased interest in emergency savings accounts, here are predictions to watch in the coming year.

Jan. 4: How understanding employee personalities helps HR build resilience

Stress triggers are different from employee to employee and can impact how people respond to our turbulent times.

Jan. 4: How COVID-19 is shaping the future of virtual healthcare

The pandemic has driven the popularity of virtual healthcare delivery, including at on-site and near-site health centers.