COLLECTION: July 2021 coronavirus news

July 29: Benefits news you may have missed: July 26-30

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From what new mask guidance means for the workplace to more employers turning to vaccine mandates, here are some of this week’s top stories.

July 29: HR tech news this week: July 26-30

From the tech focus on skills to how to best strategize and manage the persisting pay gap, here are some of the top stories this week.

July 29: How HCM insights can help you emerge stronger after the pandemic

A session at the upcoming Oracle users conference will explore talent, reskilling, EX and other hot-button topics.

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July 28: How employers are reacting to more vaccine mandates, Delta threat

‘The rise of the Delta variant has really raised the stakes,’ one expert says.

July 28: HR tech Number of the Day: future-ready organizations

While many organizations are aiming to better utilize technology for business operations, few are actually doing it.

July 28: Number of the day: Delta variant concerns

Scores of workers say the COVID-19 strand is their biggest concern about returning to the workplace. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

July 28: Will new federal mask guidelines revive workplace mandates?

After the CDC updated its recommendations this week, employers will likely follow suit, experts say.

July 28: Why a ‘virtual mindset’ is essential to your post-COVID success

Deltek CHRO Ed Hutner highlights how leaders need to shift their thinking to make hybrid work.

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July 28: One startup’s benefits strategy: collective PTO, onsite childcare

Podium is taking aim at burnout–and trying to retain talent–with a host of offerings designed to support and unite workers.

July 26: Number of the day: employees’ childcare struggles

Working parents are again looking for support, new research finds.

July 23: HR tech news this week: July 19-23

From developing a robust hybrid work plan to making the best use of the new SEC disclosure regulations, here’s what you might have missed.

July 23: Benefits news you may have missed: July 19-23

From inside Momentive’s poll-reliant people strategy to how HR leaders can stay ahead on mental health support, here are some of this week’s top stories.

July 23:HR Tech Number of the Day: virtual college recruiting

A new survey finds that virtual college recruiting can help diversify the talent pipeline.

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July 23: 2 must-haves for a strong hybrid work plan from a Stanford expert

Offering flexible work options is just the beginning in today’s hot job market, remote work expert Nicholas Bloom says.

July 22: How this survey company uses its own tool to support employees

The chief people officer of Momentive, formerly SurveyMonkey, explains the poll-reliant people strategy inside the tech company.

July 22: Number of the day: hybrid work models

Employers plan to continue flexible work arrangements, Mercer data shows. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

July 22: 5 strategies to help HR hire in-demand tech workers in this market

The pandemic has accelerated the tech talent shortage crisis.

July 21: What’s behind one CHRO’s drive to connect company purpose to EX

Topia’s Jacky Cohen says the organization’s employees have developed a stronger appreciation for the role of HR tech throughout the pandemic.

July 20: How  to embrace the new world of hybrid work

Hybrid arrangements should be seen as an opportunity for ‘future-forward design,’ not simply a ‘return to work,’ says HR Tech keynoter Josh Bersin.

July 20: Brooks: Why HR pros owe themselves a mid-year rest and reset

Burnt out and exhausted HR teams deserve a break.

July 20: 2 keys to stopping the ‘Great Resignation’? Flexibility and trust

Employers need to give workers more autonomy to prevent them from walking out the door, experts say.

July 19: HR Tech Conference 2021: Why EX is at the forefront of HR technology

Pandemic stressors plus a tight labor market mean employee experience remains a top priority for HR leaders and their tech partners.

July 19: ‘Astounding’ number of workers looking for new jobs; What’s HR’s move?

Employers must be prepared to offer better benefits, more flexibility, says Monster’s global HR head.

July 16: Benefits news you may have missed: July 12-16

From what the Delta variant means for employer vaccine mandates to HR’s ‘massive shift’ of priorities, here are some of this week’s top stories.

July 16: HR tech news this week: July 12-16

From video resumes on TikTok to analyst Josh Bersin’s insights into employee experience, here’s what you might have missed.

July 16: Why it’s time for recruiters to pivot their talent strategies

Job candidates are fearless and ‘if you don’t provide it, they’ll just go next door to get it,’ says Bright Horizons’ CHRO.

July 16: ‘Massive shift’ in HR leaders’ top 5 priorities for 2021

A new survey of senior HR leaders shows a move to individual concerns, inclusivity and more.

July 15: Sage-Gavin: Key to bold leadership? Foresight to create the future

As many have said, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’

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July 15: Experts watching if TikTok can help solve their hiring woes

Some big companies are partnering with the social media platform on a pilot program using video resumes.

July 14: Bersin: These are the 6 areas to focus on for better EX

EX shouldn’t be a passive, top-down technology initiative but rather a sustained cultural change that puts people first.

July 14: HRE’s number of the day: employee vacations

Significantly more employees intend to use more vacation days this year. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

July 14: Here’s how eMoney is helping its workers manage their finances

CHRO Joanne Del Signore shares the company’s strategy around employee experience through the pandemic.

July 14: Why employee experience needs a reset with a ‘human’ approach

Innovative workplace tech can help HR leaders create a better employee experience for today’s post-COVID reality, says HR Tech keynoter Jason Averbook.

July 13: HR Tech Number of the Day: remote tools

A new report finds that employers have considerable work to do to make their remote-enabling tools effective.

July 13: Will employer vaccine mandates pick up with emerging Delta variant?

The more contagious variant, stalled vaccine rates and return to workplace plans are raising the stakes, experts say.

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July 12: HR Tech Conference 2021: What HR can learn from the Patriots

Conference presenters include a Pats HR leader, who will share the team’s secrets to success off the field.

July 12: How COVID has created new ethical considerations for HR

Increased talent competition may have more candidates “bluffing” during negotiations.

July 9: Benefits news you may have missed: July 5-9

From how to manage pent-up demand for PTO to Facebook’s new director of remote work, here are some of this week’s top stories.

July 9: HR tech news this week: July 6-9

From Facebook’s remote work strategy to the role of HR tech in business success and more, here’s what you might have missed.

July 9: ‘Crucial’ during COVID, HR tech is still growing in importance

A new report finds most HR and C-suite leaders believe HR tech was essential to business survival during the pandemic.

July 9: Number of the day: improving the employee experience

The number of U.S. organizations prioritizing employee experience has surged. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

July 9: Here’s what HR needs to focus on to find digital success

HR Tech keynoter Jason Averbook describes how HR can become ‘the single most powerful function in the enterprise.’

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July 8: Are you hiring a director of remote work? Here’s why Facebook did

Facebook’s Annie Dean shares the 4 steps the company took to design long-term remote work.

July 8:Why this recruitment technique may be key for today’s market

In a candidate-driven market, Recruitment Research is hiring leaders’ secret weapon to unearthing top talent.

July 8:HR tech Number of the Day: recruiting tech

There’s a big demand for AI-based recruiting tech, according to a new report.

July 8: Sumser: 4 big questions about work after COVID

Every company is going to be more like a start-up than it ever wanted to be.

July 7: Why this start-up sees DEI as an organizational ‘superpower’

Multiverse is expanding into the U.S., with a sharp focus on DE&I.

July 7: Why better tech tools are vital for deskless workers

Employees who don’t work at a desk are craving enhanced communication with their employer and peers, according to a report.

July 6: HR’s latest challenge: Managing natural disasters in a pandemic

With hurricane season getting an early start, it’s a good time for HR leaders to check and update their disaster plans for the COVID era.

July 6:The summer vacation boom is upon us: Are you ready?

Employees are finally ready to travel again–advance planning and tech solutions can help manage the logjam.

July 6:HRE’s number of the day: remote workers’ mental health

More than a third of employees working from home report a decline in their mental health. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

July 2: Benefits news you may have missed: June 28-July 2

From Mailchimp’s burnout strategy to how employees feel about masks, here are some of this week’s top stories.

July 2: HR tech news this week: June 28-July 2

From Walmart’s VR training to Zoom’s remote work strategy, here’s what you might have missed in HR tech news this week.

(Image credit: Walmart)

July 2: Walmart’s solution to teaching workers kindness: virtual reality

The retail giant is using technology to help employees practice empathy, have difficult conversations during COVID-19.

July 1: 3 remote work lessons Zoom is building into its post-pandemic plans

CHRO Lynne Oldham shares what the company is doing to become more employee-centric.

July 1: Boese: 3 ways the pandemic is fueling HR tech innovation

The Top HR Products of 2021 review process produced some interesting observations about what corners of the market are flourishing.

July 1: Inside Mailchimp’s burnout strategy: collective PTO, summer hours

The tech firm is giving its 1,200 workers its second collective week off in seven months.