COLLECTION: August 2021 coronavirus news

Aug. 31: Vaccine mandates are growing. Here’s how employees feel

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Employees may quit over company vaccine requirements–whether they implement them or not, new research indicates.

Aug. 31: How the PGA of America expanded its diversity and inclusion

Chief People Officer Sandy Cross shares three lessons from an organization with a particularly challenging DEI history.

Aug. 30: The overlooked game-changer of the COVID-era workplace

Employees are saying they won’t play by the old rules anymore. Here are some ways employers can meet workers’ wellness needs.

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Aug. 30: HRE’s Number of the Day: rising employee anxiety

The Delta variant is worsening employees’ mental health, new research finds. Here’s what that means to HR leaders.

Aug. 30: Why Abby Wambach’s message isn’t just for women

The opening keynoter for HR Tech shared ‘new rules’ for modern women in her 2019 book.

Aug. 30: Burnout is soaring. Here are 7 ways employers can help

HR leaders share their strategies for alleviating workforce exhaustion in today’s uncertain world.

Aug. 27: HR Tech Number of the Day: More automation

The use of automation tools in recruitment has grown by triple digits since last year, as the Great Resignation continues.

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Aug. 27: Why this HR leader wants a comprehensive wellbeing tech tool

The head of people operations for Zenefits is eager for more HR technology around wellness and mental health.

Aug. 26: 4 ways to make your new hybrid workplace equitable for women

This Women’s Equality Day, efforts to level the playing field have never been more important.

Aug. 26: Cappelli: 3 reasons the ‘calculus has changed’ on vaccine mandates

As more Americans than not are vaccinated, employers need to consider the impact of not mandating vaccines.

Aug. 25: What the Pfizer FDA approval means for employer vaccine plans

Along with daily ‘heartbreaking reminders’ of the dangers of the Delta variant, FDA approval likely will drive quick employer action, experts say.

Aug. 25: The importance of wellbeing, empathy in a remote workplace

Auth0 CHRO Carolyn Moore shares what the company learned from being predominantly remote prior to the pandemic.

Aug. 25: Boese: 3 reasons you’re not getting the HR tech investment you need

Even though HR has never been more important to an organization, many employers aren’t allocating the tech resources HR deserves.

Aug. 24: The future of work is hybrid and it will boost talent, performance

Workplaces might never return to ‘business as usual,’ writes this expert.

Aug. 23: HR Tech Conference 2021: My view on an important HR Tech announcement

The desire to connect our HR tech community remains strong.

Aug. 23: Number of the day: improved emergency savings

Hourly workers saw their savings improve in the last year–but it’s still not a great situation. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

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Aug. 23: 5 questions to ask before you revise your return-to-work policies

Plus, some suggestions about how you communicate new plans, from two Edelman leaders.

Aug. 20: These employers are requiring COVID-19 vaccines

Mandates are quickly gaining traction as McDonald’s, Uber and others tell workers to roll up their sleeves.

Aug. 20: Can benefits help combat the ‘talent tsunami’?

Facing a tight and complicated labor market, employers are ‘evolving’ their approach to traditional and voluntary benefits.

Aug. 19: HR Tech Number of the Day: AI in HR

HR professionals widely recognize the power of AI and plan to rely more heavily on it over the coming years.

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Aug. 19: Forget what you think you know about strategizing for EX

HR Tech influencer and columnist Ben Brooks shares why a good EX needs to move beyond the instant gratification of company perks.

Aug. 19: HR’s pandemic moment is far from over: 3 tips for redefining work

The work ahead won’t be easy, and ‘HR should not wait to be called upon,’ Paycor’s CHRO writes.

Aug. 18: Major trend coming as COVID-19 vaccines show up in job listings

‘The fact that any job postings mention a vaccine mandate is astounding,’ one expert says.

Aug. 18: Why remote culture is built on belonging at this tech company

Cloud production platform Tagboard shifted to a fully remote arrangement last summer. HR leader Stephanie Smith shares what leaders learned.

Aug. 18: Hybrid, remote, on-site? Employees have weighed in

A new report finds benefits and drawbacks of both in-office and remote work.

Aug. 17: Number of the Day: executive succession planning

Although most execs agree it should be a priority in today’s environment, many do not have concrete plans in place.

Aug. 17: How return-to-work plans are evolving due to the Delta variant

Employers’ mask guidance and vaccine strategy changed quickly as the variant spread rapidly. What does it mean for return-to-workplace plans?

Aug. 17: HR Tech Conference to require COVID vaccines this year

The new policy is designed to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Aug. 17: Can non-traditional workers help fill your open jobs?

Faced with record job openings, employers are increasingly turning to under-tapped labor pools.

Top 100 Influencer Aron Ain and HR Tech conference chair Steve Boese (photo courtesy of Laura Parry)

Aug. 16: HR Tech Conference 2021: Highlights of the ‘Sneak Peek’ webinar

Conference chair Steve Boese provides an overview of the event from program and Expo highlights to health and safety measures and even travel tips.

Aug. 13: HR tech news this week: Aug. 9-13

From looming ‘childcare uncertainty’ to treating service professionals like software engineers, here’s a quick look at some of our top tech stories.

Aug. 13: Benefits news you may have missed: Aug. 9-13

From employers beginning to mandate vaccines to a new trend taking aim at employee burnout, here are some of this week’s top stories.

Aug. 13: Why working women need a ‘culture of inclusion’ right now

With more childcare uncertainty looming, employers can make changes to help their female workforces, says Randstad’s Rebecca Henderson.

Aug. 12: How fast are employers revising safety measures as Delta cases rise?

New data on mask and vaccine mandates reveal a stark difference from previous months.

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Aug. 12: HRE’s number of the day: vaccine incentives

Employer incentives can be effective in swaying unvaccinated workers to get inoculated against COVID-19.

Aug. 11: Bersin: Why you need to treat your service pros like software engineers

It’s time for a new focus on EX and tech for call center workers, drivers, front-line staff and operations personnel.

Aug. 11: 3 talent insights for right now from a globetrotting HR exec

Australia native Stuart Robertson’s new role as chief people officer of AvePoint centers on growth as the company prepares to go public.

Aug. 10:Want to get workers vaccinated? Try these 6 strategies

Education and incentives aren’t the only approaches employers are taking.

Aug. 10: HR tech Number of the Day: Pitchfest prize

The winner of the start-up competition at HR Tech will walk away with significant product funding.

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Aug. 9: Why Fauci predicts a boost in employer vaccine mandates

Momentum is building, as Google, Microsoft and others require workers to get inoculated.

Aug. 6: HR tech news this week: Aug. 2-6

From more accessible AI training to TA’s ‘pivotal’ moment to deliver, here’s a quick look at some of our top stories.

Aug. 6: How can recruiters succeed in this ‘pivotal moment’ to deliver?

At the upcoming HR Tech Conference, TA pros will share some tech-focused strategies for keeping the talent pipeline full.

Aug. 6: Sage-Gavin: 4 ways to cultivate a culture that values time off

Burned out? Take time to check out, and make sure your employees notice.

Aug. 5: Great Resignation of 2021: A new idea for keeping employees on the job

This employment lawyer suggests organizations consider employer agreements–with a few caveats.

Aug. 4: 3 keys to success that CEOs must provide for new DEI leaders

Dionna Smith, global head of DEI at Thumbtack, says these are must-haves for DE&I to evolve beyond recruiting.

Aug. 4: How to manage your workers for the transition back to the workplace

Keep these 3 themes–and your workforce management tools–in mind while putting together return-to-work plans.

Aug. 3: ‘One of the very best’ new ways to combat employee burnout

Why some companies are embracing companywide vacation periods.

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Aug. 3: Tech deployment vs. implementation: Do you know the difference?

HR Tech Conference keynoter Jason Averbook says leaders who use tech solutions correctly will make EX less transactional.

Aug. 2: HR Tech Conference 2021: Maximizing tech for remote onboarding

As many organizations continue to hire and onboard remotely, they need the right HR tech in place to support the experience.

Aug. 2:Buckle up, HR: L&D is about to get really exciting

COVID is transforming learning and development in ways that will outlive the crisis–and require leaders to ‘unlearn the old schoolbooks,’ experts say.