COLLECTION: April 2021 coronavirus news

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April 30: As universities mandate vaccines, will more employers join them?

‘This is a conversation that HR leaders need to be having with their people now,’ says one expert, as employers get serious about COVID-19 inoculation.

April 30: Benefits news you may have missed: April 26-30

From employees not wanting to return to the office to more employers offering PTO for COVID vaccinations, here are some of the week’s top stories.

April 30: What Oracle’s new platform predicts about the future of EX tech

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The tech giant is the latest to enter the in-demand and rapidly growing employee experience space.

April 29: Number of the day: benefits value

A significant number of employees now say they value their benefits. What does that mean for HR leaders?

April 29: Why HR was ‘built for times like these’

Kristin Johnson of Edward Jones will share insights on leadership at the upcoming Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

April 29: What HR needs to know about how to use vaccine passports legally

From employee location to worker morale, these digital tools require careful consideration.

April 28: Employee anxiety about returning to the office is sky-high. Now what?

New research from Limeade raises considerations for HR leaders planning to bring workers back.

April 27: 4 strategies to support employee wellness in the changed workplace

Lessons learned from a workforce coalition that includes Palo Alto Networks, Box, Uber, Splunk and Zoom.

April 27: Requiring employees to return to the office? Get ready for them to quit

‘Companies that refuse to adapt to remote and hybrid workforces will absolutely lose out on talent,’ says one expert.

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April 26: Will Biden’s support push more employers to offer PTO for shots?

What experts expect from the president’s call to provide workers paid time off for COVID-19 vaccinations.

April 23: Benefits news you may have missed: April 19-23

From Biden urging employers to give their workers paid time off for COVID vaccinations to mental health declines in some workers, here are some of the week’s top stories.

April 23: Number of the day: PTO for COVID-19 vaccination

More employers are offering, or plan to offer, paid time off so workers can get shots.

April 23: 3 strategies for engaging teams in a meaningful, efficient way—long term

These ideas will help refresh how you handle employee engagement.

April 22: Are employers doing enough to help workers during the pandemic?

New MetLife research finds a significant gap in employee expectations and what companies provide.

April 22: Why financial education is good–but action is so much better

Commonwealth’s Melissa Gopnik, a keynoter at next month’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, shares strategies for supporting financial wellness.

April 21: Biden to employers: Give time off for COVID-19 vaccinations

The president’s push is supported by recent research showing employers’ vital role in efforts to inoculate the nation.

April 21: 7 ways TIAA expanded benefits to meet the COVID challenge

TIAA’s Sean Woodroffe will share the company’s evolving approach at next month’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

April 21: How this CHRO owns her seat at the table

Unit4’s Lisa Dodman says continuous learning has helped propel her career forward.

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April 21: Gen X workers experiencing worrisome mental health declines

The latest data from Total Brain’s Mental Health Index demonstrates the “continued strain on the mental health of America’s workforce.”

April 20: Brooks: Is your organization prepared for the Second War for Talent?

Why HR must prioritize retention over recruiting to win this war.

April 20: HR Tech Number of the Day: HR’s role in digital transformation

A new survey finds HR should be central to any digital transformation, though many HR leaders need guidance.

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April 20: How purpose and values are driving employers’ vaccine strategies

Health and benefits conference keynoter Carol Morrison of i4cp shares what organizations need to consider as they roll out their plans.

April 19: How employers are trying to ease vaccination for workers

Organizations are working to educate, motivate and facilitate, according to Willis Towers Watson data.

April 19: Going hybrid? 3 ways to avoid employee burnout

Employers need to recognize why today’s employees are fatigued before designing permanent hybrid work models.

April 16: Benefits news you may have missed: April 12-16

From how 12 employers are encouraging vaccines to Joan Lunden’s caregiving journey, here are some of the week’s top stories.

April 16: Still weighing vaccine incentives? Here’s what 12 employers have done

Organizations are turning to education, cash and more to boost workers’ inoculation rates.

April 15:How Joan Lunden became a caregiving advocate

Before her HBLC keynote, the author and TV personality shares what sparked her own passion for caregiving support.

April 15: HR Tech Number of the Day: collaboration tools

Tech adoption is a “major byproduct” of the pandemic, according to a new study.

April 14: HRE’s number of the day: mental health worries

Employees say mental health issues are their biggest wellbeing concern. Here’s what that means for HR leaders.

April 14: What this healthcare org CHRO learned as a new hire during COVID

VillageMD’s Traci Dunn shares insights from her first month on the job and a career of DEI-focused work.

April 14: Bersin: Why companies need ‘right-brain leadership’

A human-centric approach will help leaders succeed in today’s new work environment.

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April 13: Aon’s COVID vaccine strategy? 32 hours of paid time off

The consulting firm is incentivizing its 50,000 workers to get inoculated with a generous amount of time off.

April 13: Why recruiters are still under ‘tremendous pressure’

A new round of stimulus benefits may be making it even harder to recruit top talent.

April 12: Here is what’s needed to close America’s skills gap

If business, governments and universities work together, we can develop the workforce needed to drive economic growth.

April 12: 5 tech tools to power HR through the pandemic

How technology is helping HR make smarter, faster, better decisions.

April 12: Sage-Gavin: 3 business leaders offer insights on mental health crisis

HR has a tough road ahead in its effort to support struggling employees.

April 9: Benefits news you may have missed: April 5-9

From 5 ways COVID-19 has changed benefits to how LinkedIn is addressing burnout, here are some of the week’s top stories.

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April 9: Here’s how working moms want employers to support them

A new survey finds that women with kids are increasingly concerned about career advancement amid the pandemic.

April 9: Number of the day: Saving PTO until post-pandemic

Most workers are not taking time off, which is problematic as burnout and stress soar.

April 9: 9 ways this org invests in human capital value

Ariel Investments’ business success is tied to its prioritization of organizational culture.

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April 9: Why ‘wandering’ employees are creating legal headaches for HR

And 3 ways to be proactive about this growing problem.

April 8: Number of the Day: barriers to virtual work

A new survey finds that, while some challenges have lessened in the last year, others have increased.

April 8: Mayer: 5 ways COVID-19 has changed benefits–forever

From mental health attention to more care for employees, the pandemic has reshaped how employers think about support.

April 8: Cynthia How the George Floyd trial is a chance for true corporate leadership

Employees are looking for support–and watching how their employers respond, experts say.

April 7: How check-ins have kept this global company on track during COVID

Jessie LaJoie of scheduling platform Doodle says more frequent communication will be a lasting effect of the pandemic.

April 7: 5 tips to avoid free speech issues amid COVID

Given new pandemic-driven concerns, employers need to revisit policies in order to reduce the chance of litigation.

April 7: Why HR needs to solve ‘real failures’ around deskless workers

Employers in some industries struggled to keep workers informed as cultures quickly changed during COVID.

April 6: HR Tech Number of the Day: frontline workers’ experience

While frontline workers are key to business success, few employers are prioritizing their employee experience.

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April 5: Why LinkedIn is giving its workers a week off to help with burnout

The move comes as many employers look at ways to help address soaring rates of burnout and other mental health afflictions.

April 5: Want to spur HSA use? Borrow lessons from retirement planning

Here are 3 strategies for boosting healthcare savings.

April 5: Volvo adopts 24-week gender-neutral paid parental leave policy

The employer’s announcement comes as many companies take strides to help employees balance their work and home lives.

April 2: Benefits news you may have missed: March 29-April 2

From vaccine strategies to new IRS guidance allowing employees to use HSAs, FSAs and HRAs to buy COVID-19 PPE, here are some of the week’s top stories.

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April 2: COVID-19 PPE is now HSA, FSA eligible

Face masks, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment used to prevent COVID-19 spread can be treated as medical expenses.

April 2: Burned out and happy? Why this paradox defines HR’s next challenge

And three tips for how leaders can overcome it.

April 1: How virtual onboarding is failing employees

In a hybrid workforce, connecting new hires to your organization’s culture is more important–and also more difficult.

April 1: Number of the Day: DEI after George Floyd

A new survey finds that diversity, equity and inclusion are even more top of mind for employers than post-COVID plans.

April 1: How the tech talent shortage requires creative thinking

The pandemic has had many sectors dialing back hiring, but technology is not one of them.