Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) Program

Rising premiums. Underperforming vendors. Reduced health outcomes. Sound familiar?

At Validation Institute, we believe healthcare benefits should really feel like a “benefit”. That means reducing costs while improving lives, but an overly complex industry filled with unlimited choices can make the purchasing process feel more like a gamble than a sure thing. That’s not good for your bottom line or your employees.

Our Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) program empowers benefits purchasers and their organizations with actionable tools and knowledge to overcome uncertainty and:

  • Reduce healthcare costs through stronger program management and vendor selection
  • Develop high-quality, high-impact healthcare offerings
  • Review and validate vendor performance reports and claims
  • Facilitate better health outcomes for employees with data-driven purchasing

Whether you don’t know the right questions to ask, are unsure how to validate performance, need advice on scrutinizing spend, or all of the above, CHVP can help you get there.

It’s self-paced and online. Don’t face another open enrollment without it. Watch our overview webinar now.