Wellness Dollars: A Critical Spend for Employers in 2021

Re-watch the December 2 webinar to learn 3 keys to consider when allocating your Wellness Dollars with Bryce Rausch.

The Digital Workplace: Foundation for a Thriving Hybrid Workforce

Join Deloitte's December 6 webinar to learn new strategies for reimagining the Digital Workplace to unlock business value in the new era of the hybrid workplace.

Improve Your People Analytics

Re-watch ZeroedIn's December 1 webinar to learn the top 9 people analytics insights and best practices to implement to get the most out of your data.

Artificial Intelligence and Background Screening – Fact or Fiction?

Replay GHRR's Nov. 17 webinar to learn the risks involved with adopting and implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Re-inventing HR For The Future of Work

Replay to learn the results of Forrester's recent survey, conducted with Human Resource Executive®, on how the HR practice and structure must evolve to meet the business imperatives of tomorrow.

How to Build a Magnetic Culture

Re-watch Quantum Workplace's Nov. 11 webinar to learn the 6 most pressing employee engagement trends of 2021—and practical ways HR leaders can turn these challenges into opportunities.

Winning the Great Resignation by Creating a Fairer Employee Experience

Re-watch our November 10 webinar with Brian Kropp to learn how to create a fairer employee experience that improves talent attraction and employee performance, sponsored by Workhuman.

Putting a Spotlight on HR Capabilities

Replay Josh Bersin's October 22nd conversation with HR leaders focusing on capability development in their organizations.

How the Workforce Learns: 15 Things Your Learning Culture Needs to Get Right

Rewatch Degreed November 2 webinar with Sarah Danzl to learn the 15 things all positive learning cultures have in common.

An HR Operating Model to Deliver Digital Workforce Experience

Now On-demand: The discussion between Leapgen’s Jason Averbook and Jim Scully and Conduent’s James Waite on the role of HR in supporting and empowering the Digital Workplace.

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