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How Workday is investing in its workers’ skills to boost retention

Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith says the company is putting skills at the heart of its people strategy.

Boese: 3 ways HR tech can help employees find meaning at work

As employers consider their 2022 HR tech strategy, helping employees develop a connection to organizational purpose should be front and center.

Chevron CHRO: Worker health and safety ‘front and center’ for 2022

Rhonda Morris, newly installed as a fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources, shares her reflections on the pandemic and insights for next year.

Amid Build Back Better bill, why paid leave is HR’s social responsibility

As employers await a Senate vote on President Biden’s social spending bill, they need to understand how the legislation could impact the future of paid leave policies.

The latest on vaccine mandates: All the stories you need to read

Here's all of our recent coverage tracking the HR implications of the quickly developing news.

How employers are reacting to the hold on Biden’s vaccine mandate

A new survey–conducted before the Omicron variant was discovered–finds that more than half will require employee vaccines.

2022 development objectives for success in hybrid, remote world

Why every employee, manager and executive needs to 'rebuild their swing' in order to succeed in the coming year.

How Macy’s hopes to drive employee retention with upskilling effort

The retail legend is offering debt-free education programs for high school and college degrees to its U.S. employees.

HRE Survey: What’s keeping you up at night?

Share your thoughts on HR’s biggest pain points in HRE’s annual survey.

5 new NAHR fellows discuss HR’s top trends, challenges for 2022

HR leaders at Chevron, Eastman Chemical, Accenture, Endeavor and Estee Lauder cite such issues as cloud-based technology and collaboration.