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How P&G transformed candidate experience

Using tools from Modern Hire, the consumer-goods giant upended its longtime approach to hiring assessments.

Is ‘belonging’ the new ‘D&I’?

In a world where “social distancing” has become the new norm, organizations are increasingly looking to foster a sense of belonging.

More employers consider open-hiring strategy

Supporters like The Body Shop say the strategy targets the heart of the job.

Could innovative recruitment agencies close IT skills gaps?

One certainty looms in the future of work: All positions will require continuous upskilling.

HRE Soundbite: ‘Leading with strong values’ in the crisis

Accenture’s Ellyn Shook explores HR’s role in getting Americans back to work.

Realities of remote work: keeping connected

Communicating with at-home employees requires a measured approach.

HRE’s number of the day: hiring

Many employers are relying on video as they recruit and hire remotely.

HRE’s number of the day: Finding work

Here’s how many days it took for a group of employers to come together and create a platform to help get the unemployed back to work.

Coalition launches to connect unemployed with jobs

Backers of the free B2B service say it may help hundreds of thousands get back to work.

How coronavirus has spotlighted the need for succession planning

All critical positions must have backups.