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Performance Management

6 questions on the future of L&D with Microsoft’s learning leader

Joe Whittinghill shares the value of a learning culture during turbulent times.

Are we losing ground on gender balance in the workforce?

Six actions employers can take to support workers of all genders.

How HR can tackle CEOs’ biggest stressors

A new survey finds that U.S. executives are most concerned about COVID-19, vaccines and a possible recession.

How remote work is creating a new role for managers

In this new environment, a manager should be “less of a boss and more of a leader,” with a focus on trust, says one remote work expert.

Wellbeing, ‘courageous conversations’ at heart of this CHRO’s strategy

Ayana Champagne of Ferring Pharmaceuticals says the recent HR challenges have refocused the company’s investment in its people.

Sage-Gavin: Why 2021 is the year of change

Where there's change, there's an opportunity to make things better.

How Biden’s first executive actions will affect HR

COVID-19 and workplace discrimination actions have employers paying attention.

These 4 strategies will help managers lead with empathy

New research from Limeade reveals a wellbeing discrepancy in organizations. HR can equip leaders to help close the gap.

Here’s how HR can lead a ‘culture renovation’

i4cp’s Kevin Oakes has penned a new book that he says offers a blueprint for making sustainable culture change.

4 steps to help employees thrive in trying times

A new report offers advice to help HR support employees during arguably the most stressful, and dangerous, period in U.S. history.

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