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Performance Management

Benefits news you may have missed: Feb. 1-5

From a serious decline in employee mental health to why employers need to make a COVID-19 vaccine strategy now, here are some of the week’s top stories.

How Zillow and others are reimagining the role of managers

Peer coaching and new technologies can equip managers with the skills and support they need today.

The SEC’s disclosure rules are changing HR forever. Are you ready?

Here are six ways CHROs should use the human capital metrics to guide talent decisions—and to drive business.

Here’s a look at today’s fast-changing employee experience technology

Consumer-grade workplace tech can boost engagement for remote workers, experts say.

What Workday’s new $700M deal means for HR technology

The company is looking to sharpen its engagement chops with the acquisition of Peakon.

Mayer: Don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine strategy? It’s time to make one

Employers play a key role in vaccinations.

Microsoft Viva: Why it could be ‘a massive opportunity’ for HR execs

Analysts say this Microsoft Viva could be the 'ultimate technology-based employee experience' platform.

Why the ‘workplace as we knew it’ is no more

Lifesize Chief People Officer Gayle Wiley explores the lasting impacts of the pandemic and HR’s role in helping employees manage those changes.  

Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Jeanne Meister

She expects to see growth in tech-enabled wellbeing and mental health solutions for workers and their families this year.

How AI tech and virtual reality can help boost employee experience

These tools can help HR leaders take employee experience from one-size-fits-all to personalized for everyone.

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