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Remote work

Are annual reviews a thing of the past?

After 2020, performance management has become simpler–and more human.

4 tips for HR to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Recent cyber hacks on government and private employers should prompt HR leaders to ensure their data security defenses are up to snuff.

What HR crises of the past can teach us about the present, future

It’s worth remembering that HR professionals have faced down big problems before, Paycor's CHRO writes.

3 emerging technologies HR should pay attention to in 2021

As part of our look ahead to 2021 challenges, Workday’s Greg Pryor explores the technology, skills and priorities that should be on all HR leaders’ radar after the New Year.

How one company passed the ‘cultural stress test’ of 2020

As part of our look ahead to 2021 challenges, DJ Casto of Synchrony considers how the decisions HR leaders had to make this year can create stronger organizations next year.

Number of the day: Employees who want a hybrid workplace

If hybrid is the future, how do HR leaders need to adjust to serve their people?

Top job for HR in 2021? Define ‘workplace experience’

As part of our look ahead to 2021 challenges, HR’s Rising Star Linh Nguyen examines how the challenges of 2020 can make HR leaders more attuned to employees' needs next year.

What remote-first companies need to think about in 2021

As part of our look ahead to 2021 challenges, Job van der Voort of HR tech platform Remote offers insights for long-term remote and hybrid workplaces.

Intel’s COVID-19 strategy? ‘Learn your way out of the problem’

L&D has taken on an even more integral role at the tech company in light of the pandemic.

11 trends that will shape HR in 2021

Gartner’s Brian Kropp says 2021 will be another year full of reinvention.

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