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Company culture

3 ways HR can jumpstart the employer brand

A strong employee value proposition can be essential for recruiting and retaining talent in today's environment.

How HR can be the ‘catalyst for change’ on DEI

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jackye Clayton shares perspectives from her own career working in the DEI space.

Benefits news you may have missed: Feb. 15-19

From the growing trend of vaccine incentives to record-high retirement contributions, here are some of the week’s top stories.

How my experience with mental health challenges shapes my D&I leadership

This D&I exec formerly with Sanofi North America looks at mental health as a many-faceted diamond.

Why many employers are turning to incentives to boost vaccination rates

McDonald’s, Petco and Darden Restaurants are leaning on financial incentives to get workers vaccinated.

Here’s what inspired this former recruiter to focus on DEI

Spring HR Tech keynoter Torin Ellis says the drive to help organizations expand their DEI efforts is personal.

Centering culture in a time of crisis

Fastly Chief People Officer Doniel Sutton says the company is focused on keeping employees connected despite distance.

Why HR and IT need to get ‘much, much closer’

Spring HR Tech keynoter and Forrester analyst Katy Tynan explores how the pandemic has–and hasn’t–changed leadership development.

Many orgs aren’t doing this ‘profoundly important’ practice

Spring HR Tech keynoter Katy Tynan shares insights on talent and leadership development.

Sage-Gavin: What change management looks like in the new ’Roaring ’20s’

As leaders plan their next moves, how they approach transformation will be key to success.

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