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Company culture

Building a sustainable organization: 7 tips for HR leaders

The pandemic is making companies reevaluate old ways of thinking, keynoter Mimi Brooks said Wednesday at Spring HR Tech.

How a legal background helped this leader build a new HR function

ExecOnline’s Hoyun Kim was the company’s first HR hire.

3 takeaways from Spring HR Tech’s second day

From COVID-19 lessons to TA tech tools, here are some of the topics explored Wednesday.

What’s on tap for day 3 of Spring HR Tech?

Sessions on developing leaders, engagement, reskilling strategy and more are coming up.

Not relying on data for TA? Why that’s a ‘recipe for disaster’

Here are 4 reasons to make your TA more data-driven, from Spring HR Tech.

Marriott HR exec talks COVID-19: ‘It’s been a grueling year’

During a Spring HR Tech keynote, the hotel chain’s Jessica Lee says the past year has changed how she wants to lead.

Digital transformation, COVID-19 on tap for day 2 of Spring HR Tech

Attend dozens of sessions covering such topics as AI, programmatic job advertising and earned wage access.

Why Oracle takes a three-pronged approach to EX

The modern employee experience needs to be built on trust, an Oracle leader said at Tuesday's Spring HR Tech.

6 ways we’re getting diversity recruiting all wrong

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jackye Clayton says HR may need to 'shatter' old ways of doing things to be successful.

How to uncover whether your culture is founded on trust

Spring HR Tech speakers from UKG advise employers to ask themselves these 6 questions.

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