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Company culture

Race, culture and mental health—how DEI can unlock change

The time is now for listening to the diverse needs of employees.

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Qualtrics Chief People Officer Julia Anas says the software company shapes its people strategy with a sharp focus on feedback.

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The catchy term is making waves in the world of work, but experts say managing disengagement isn't a new HR challenge.

3 guiding principles for a successful acquisition

To mark the one-year anniversary of Accenture Federal Services' acquisition of Novetta, HR leader Lisa Sherhart reflects on lessons learned.

In a job market paradox, why HR leaders should focus on communication

Lessons from the past few years hold true as the labor market sends mixed signals, including low unemployment, high turnover, layoffs in some sectors and fears of a recession.

Employee monitoring: Why it’s ‘dysfunctional’ but gaining popularity

When selecting tools to watch an employee's every mouse click, HR leaders should consider their impact on trust in the workplace.

Can employee monitoring tools detect if workers are ‘quiet quitting?’

In addition to measuring mouse clicks, today’s monitoring tools may be able to identify employees who are quitting in place.

3 essential strategies to win the war for talent

How automation and online platforms can increase retention and workforce productivity.

Why servant leadership makes the difference for this CHRO

FTI Consulting’s Holly Paul shares how her approach to leadership was shaped.

How many employees are looking for workplaces with mental health support?

Want to keep workers? Step up mental health benefits, data implies.