Wayne D'Orio

Wayne D'Orio is a freelance writer based in Brookfield, Conn. He can be reached at [email protected].

Is Loneliness a Workplace Epidemic?

A new survey details people’s isolation, but experts point out how smart companies are counteracting this trend.

Are Grads Ready to Work?

In a new survey on job preparedness, students give themselves high ratings, but employers are less enthusiastic.

Adam Grant’s (Latest) New Job: Podcaster

The best-selling author talks about gleaning management tips for his new podcast.

Return of the Opinion Letters

The Department of Labor recently reissued 17 opinion letters that had been rescinded during the previous administration.

The Good News About Automation

While a new report projects automation will replace many workers in the next 12 years, other changes may spur opportunities for both companies and humans.

Clarifying Paid-Leave Policies

Employers may want to revisit their leave policies in the aftermath of a recent EEOC lawsuit against cosmetics maker Estee Lauder, experts say.