Mark McGraw

Mark McGraw is a freelance writer who has covered human resources for nearly a decade. He lives in the Philadelphia suburbs and earned a bachelor's degree in professional writing from Kutztown University.

NLRB has a New Solution to Resolve Disputes Faster

Experts say a new NLRB initiative could help resolve cases faster and less expensively.

Leveling the Playing Field for Older Workers

New research underscores the persistent problem of age discrimination in employment.

Wrestling with Workplace Policies and Regulations

A new survey finds employers are coping with various regulatory and societal changes.

Outlawing Sexual Harassment

New legislation could leave employers liable for sexual harassment directed toward anyone providing a service in the workplace.

Making Progress Toward Pay Equity

Experts say a new ruling highlights the need for HR to look more closely at other variables when making salary decisions.

The Rise of Retaliation Rates

Twice as many workers say they experienced retaliation for reporting misconduct compared to five years ago.

Coaching at a Distance

Virtual coaching can offer the same benefits as the in-person counterpart, but creating virtual programs has its own challenges.

Investing in the Future

Lisa Buckingham, our 2017 HR Executive of the Year, is leading Lincoln Financial Group into the digital era.

Expanding In-Person Interviews

In-person immigration interviews will ramp up for certain immigration-benefit applicants as part of president Trump's travel ban.

Revamping Performance

Scott Conklin has led an effort to overhaul Paycor’s performance-management process to better reflect the professional-growth needs of its employees.