HR Tech Conference

Business Resilience: The Key to Success for Now and Tomorrow

Replay the panel discussion lead by Kathi Enderes featuring Jan Nieweboer and Chris Kujawa, to explore the practices that can help HR leaders and teams build adaptability and resilience into company cultures and talent-related processes.

Organizational Design: The Secret to Business Growth, Resiliency, and Agility

Re-watch Josh Bersin's April 28 webinar for an interactive conversation around moving away from the traditional approaches of organizational design, and the benefits of using a modern approach.

Change Management Is Out; Change Agility Is In

Replay our March 29 webinar with Josh Bersin and a panel of HR leaders as they discussed why a traditional approach to change management is no longer sufficient.

What’s Ahead for HR in 2022

Re-watch Josh Bersin from Feb. 25 to learn his top 15 predictions for HR for 2022, sponsored by Lumapps!

A Look Back at 2021 — and a Look Ahead to 2022

Replay our final 2021 webinar as Josh Bersin recaps the year and reviews what to expect in 2022.

Putting a Spotlight on HR Capabilities

Replay Josh Bersin's October 22nd conversation with HR leaders focusing on capability development in their organizations.

Assess, Align, Execute – Evaluating Your Digital Maturity

Replay Brent Colescott and Trish McFarlane's October 28 conversation to learn why being "digitally mature" can help organizations adapt to changing market forces.

Hybrid Work: Planning for What Comes Next

Re-watch this HRTech webinar to hear Josh Bersin ask HR Leaders how they're preparing to face the obstacles of hybrid work.

EX Practices and Programs: The Real-World Perspective

Now On-Demand: Josh Bersin's May 27 webinar discussing practices and programs that impact business performance, innovation, and employee engagement.

DEI: Where Are We Now?

Re-watch Josh Bersin's April 27 webinar as he dives deeper into DEI policies, metrics, and supporting technologies that are being used by companies today.

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