Carol Harnett

Carol Harnett is HRE’s Benefits columnist. She is a widely respected consultant, speaker, writer and trendspotter in the fields of employee benefits, health and productivity management, health and performance innovation, and value-based health. Follow her on Twitter via @carolharnett and on her video blog, The Work.Love.Play.Daily. She can be emailed at [email protected].

Outside-the-Box Mental-Health Strategies

Two new offerings use technology in novel ways to help workers overcome mental-health challenges.

Calculating an ROI From Healthcare

Vendors have long talked up their ability to deliver a return on investment, but here’s one that’s now backing it up with a guarantee.

Responding to the Needs of Low-Wage Workers

Here's why ongoing access to affordable healthcare services is vital to low-wage workers.

Why Disability Insurance Matters

Getting employers to see the benefits of this safety net is a difficult but worthwhile endeavor.

Genetic Testing at Work

Do the rewards of genetic testing of employees outweigh the possible risks it presents to their financial stability?

The Long Road to Value-Based Health

Our benefits columnist outlines four steps employers can take to ensure their health plans are designed to meet value-based standards.

Wellness Programs on Trial

Now may be a good time to reflect upon the problems HR leaders are trying to address with wellness programs.

A Benefits Resolution

I want to focus this year's columns on issues that go against the grain of how I'd like to see businesses address employee benefits for their workers.

Let My People Go Surfing

Patagonia may be the ideal employer thanks to fantastic benefits. Why others might want to follow its lead?

The Benefits of Inclusion

Making diversity and inclusion a higher priority could go a long way to lessen instances of sexual harassment in the workplace.