Authenticity at Work with Robin Roberts

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Date & Time: Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 3:00 pm ET


Robin Roberts, Co-Anchor, Good Morning America and President, Rock’n Robin Productions

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Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts joins webinar host Trinity Thomas for a candid conversation about the importance of bringing your authentic self to work.

In or out of the office, fully sharing who you are as a person can be difficult. It’s especially challenging in workplaces where you may not always feel comfortable voicing your opinions.

Roberts is an expert in putting herself on a national public stage, and she’s developed a level of candor and relatability that now stands at the heart of her career. But only because her organization has made the space for her to be herself.

When organizations prioritize employees’ psychological safety, awareness and availability, they reap the benefits of having a workforce whose members feel secure bringing an array of opinions to the table. This high-engagement environment naturally cultivates success in recruiting and retention, as well as improved productivity and lowered absenteeism.

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