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COLLECTION: Strategies to manage coronavirus in the workplace

Check back with us daily as we provide the latest news and insights to how HR can best respond for the betterment of their employees.
By: | January 22, 2021
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Jan. 22: Why an employer vaccine mandate could spark backlash from workers

A number of employees say they would consider leaving their employer if they required vaccination.

Jan. 22: 6 questions on the future of L&D with Microsoft’s learning leader

Joe Whittinghill shares the value of a learning culture during turbulent times.

Jan. 22: Are we losing ground on gender balance in the workforce?

Six actions employers can take to support workers of all genders.

Jan. 21: How remote work is creating a new role for managers

In this new environment, a manager should be “less of a boss and more of a leader,” with a focus on trust, says one remote work expert.

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Jan. 21: What Unum’s new caregiving benefit says about employer priorities

The benefits firm recently upped its commitment to caregiving employees.

Jan. 21: How HR can tackle CEOs’ biggest stressors

A new survey finds that U.S. executives are most concerned about COVID-19, vaccines and a possible recession.

Jan. 20: How Biden’s first executive actions will affect HR

COVID-19 and workplace discrimination actions have employers paying attention.

Jan. 20: Sage-Gavin: Why 2021 is the year of change

Where there’s change, there’s an opportunity to make things better.

Jan. 20: Wellbeing, ‘courageous conversations’ at heart of this CHRO’s strategy

Ayana Champagne of Ferring Pharmaceuticals says the recent HR challenges have refocused the company’s investment in its people.

Jan. 19: What the Biden inauguration means for HR leaders

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in Wednesday in Washington, D.C., marking an employee-friendly switch for HR.

Jan. 19: No. 1 way to encourage workers to get COVID-19 vaccine? Education

Experts say organizations need to have a robust communication strategy in place to promote vaccination.

Jan. 19: HRE’s number of the day: mental health help

Nearly half of employees said they considered getting treatment because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan. 17: Here’s how HR can lead a ‘culture renovation’

i4cp’s Kevin Oakes has penned a new book that he says offers a blueprint for making sustainable culture change.

Jan. 15: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 11-15

From how one retailer is encouraging its workers to get a COVID vaccine to the most-coveted employee benefits, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Jan. 15: 4 ideas to help HR bridge the ‘future of work’ gap

While research shows executives and employees don’t always agree on the best path forward for post-COVID-19 ways of working, there’s still opportunity.

Jan. 15: 4 steps to help employees thrive in trying times

A new report offers advice to help HR support employees during arguably the most stressful, and dangerous, period in U.S. history.

Jan. 14: Sumser: Health and safety are at the heart of business continuity

‘We are not going back to the way it was.’

Jan. 14: These are the benefits employees want most

The top-rated non-insurance benefits revolve around time away from work, new research finds.

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Jan. 13: This retailer will pay workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine

It’s one of the first announcements by an employer of how they are encouraging workers to get vaccinated.

Jan. 13: ‘Employees are watching’ how HR responds to the riots

Many HR leaders are now facing questions about what to do if workers participated in last week’s violent insurrection.

Jan. 13: Bersin: 5 positive lessons HR learned in 2020

Last year was an eye-opening one for HR leaders.

Jan. 13: How S&P Global used a people-first mindset to reprioritize in 2020

CHRO Dimitra Manis shares how the organization revamped its recruiting site amid the challenges of the pandemic.

Jan. 12: Averbook: Why 2021 is the Year of ‘Re-‘

HR should use 2020 as a wake-up call.

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Jan. 12: Most employers now deciding if they’ll require COVID-19 vaccines

The majority of organizations say they are contemplating whether to mandate vaccinations for their employees.

Jan. 11: HRE’s number of the day: Focus on employee health

Human resources and benefits professionals say that helping employees maintain their health and wellbeing was a much higher priority in 2020.

Jan. 11:3 tips for managing long-term remote work in 2021

With more organizations making remote work permanent, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Jan. 11: TIAA offering employees at-home COVID testing

As rates of the virus soar, the firm is encouraging its workers to take advantage of a new, free testing option.

Jan. 8: Benefits news you may have missed: Jan. 4-8

From 7 benefit trends to watch in 2021 to how HR can ease employee angst following the Capitol riots, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Jan. 8: What can HR, employers expect from a Biden administration agenda?

With the Georgia Senate election results cementing Democrats’ control of Washington, HR leaders can expect more employee-friendly policies under Biden.

Jan. 8: How 4 HR leaders think benefits will change in 2021

After the last year, the world of benefits will never look quite the same, experts say.

Jan. 7: What happens when COVID-19 and addiction collide?

Employers need to be part of the solution for this growing crisis.

Jan. 6: Q&A with HR Tech Influencer: Heidi Spirgi

The connection between personalized learning and high-performing organizations can’t be overstated, Cornerstone’s chief marketing and strategy officer says.

Jan. 6: Cappelli: Cutting pay for remote workers isn’t a real fairness strategy

Some Silicon Valley organizations are recalculating pay for workers who live in lower-cost areas.

Jan. 6: Why ‘just keep swimming’ became the 2020 mantra for this CHRO

Appian Corp. CHRO Dawn Mitchell says HR’s resilience through this year’s obstacles has been impressive.

Jan. 5: COVID-19 has workers paying more attention to their 401(k)s

Despite some good signs over the last year, experts warn the pandemic still could have negative repercussions on workers’ retirement savings.

Jan. 5: Mayer: 7 benefit trends to watch in 2021

From COVID-19 vaccine support to increased interest in emergency savings accounts, here are predictions to watch in the coming year.

Jan. 4: How understanding employee personalities helps HR build resilience

Stress triggers are different from employee to employee and can impact how people respond to our turbulent times.

Jan. 4: How COVID-19 is shaping the future of virtual healthcare

The pandemic has driven the popularity of virtual healthcare delivery, including at on-site and near-site health centers.


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