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HR Tech Number of the Day: Modern mentoring tools

Companies have adopted digital transformation for nearly all business sectors, but HR lags in some areas.

Accelerated Coaching and Scaled Mentoring Program by Pilot

PILOT provides virtual career development through individual reflection, manager feedback, executive mentoring and live group coaching sessions.

Why COVID-19 has made mentoring for women a must

Staying keyed in to their own development can help women keep their career trajectory on track despite the challenges of the pandemic.

How to Make the Most of Mentoring Wisdom

You can't learn HR success from a textbook–or all on your own.

Why Mentoring is Critical for Success

Mentorship can significantly improve diversity and inclusion , if you know how to do it right.

These New Technologies Are Transforming Mentoring Programs

The applications provide new means for facilitating and enhancing meaningful mentoring relationships.

Transforming Mentoring Programs

Ever get the feeling your corporate mentoring program might be in need of a mentor itself?

Can We Talk about Mentoring?

Here's how to create a viable mentoring program that will provide employees with the feedback they need without putting undue burdens on mentors.

Is today’s rapid L&D vendor consolidation good for HR?

Recent acquisitions by Cornerstone and Degreed mean fewer options for HR leaders but an opportunity for greater focus when upskilling employees.

Why hiring younger workers may keep getting harder

The 'Class of COVID' is coming into the workforce with new—and quickly changing—expectations.

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