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Employee experience startup takes Pitchfest win

SPOTLYFE takes home the $25,000 prize for its tool, which co-founder Josh Schwede compares to a 'check engine light' for employee burnout.

Employee Journeys are the heart of employee experience

Employee journeys and employee experience have to be more than just buzzwords in order to retain, attract, and support your employee base. Join LumApps for a webinar to learn more about how Journeys can help improve the digital employee experience (even during the pre-employment phase).

How Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience & the Financial Benefits

We know most employees do better work when they feel valued and heard by the organization they represent and that has proven to be difficult from time to time over the last couple years, maybe due to outside circumstances, maybe due to the ever changing world of work.

Personalizing the Employee Experience Across the Digital Workplace

The traditional one size fits all approach to the digital workplace will no longer work in this new work environment, join Ben Brooks as he discusses a solutions.

Employee Experience: Designing Experiences to Build Employee Loyalty and Make Employees the Heroes

Replay Awardco's May 18 webinar on how to design experiences that will help organizations increase loyalty that goes both ways.

Why a “Back to Basics” Employee Experience Is the Smartest Way for HR to Win in 2022

Replay Ben Brook's May 12 webinar to learn best practices and tips for how HR leaders are simplifying and enriching their employee value propositions in their organizations.

Employee Experience and Human-Centered Work: Supporting Working Families

Replay Madeline Laurano and Shareef Ghanem's April 20 discussion on how companies can better support working families, sponsored by Cleo!

Why Workplace Wellness Is More Important To Your Employee Experience Now More Than Ever

Replay Ben Brooks' March 31 webinar to discuss why workplace wellness should be a top priority for all HR leaders.

Embracing the New Employee Experience: The link between employee engagement and organizational culture

Rewatch Quantum Workplace's Feb. 22 webinar to learn what HR leaders can focus on to improve how employees experience culture today - slide content also now available!

LiveTiles Global Employee Experience Pulse Check 2021

LiveTiles Global Employee Experience Pulse Check 2021 The workplace is undergoing incredible change and the future of work is reshaping in real-time, including an accelerated...