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Artificial Intelligence and Background Screening: Truth vs. Risk

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Are You Prepared for 2022 Compliance Trends in Background Screening?

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Artificial Intelligence and Background Screening: Fact or Fiction?

Artificial Intelligence and Background Screening: Fact or Fiction?Speakers:Brandon Phillips, Founder and CRO, Global HR ResearchEric Higginbotham, CTO, Global HR ResearchDescription:AI is still in early...

Artificial Intelligence and Background Screening – Fact or Fiction?

Replay GHRR's Nov. 17 webinar to learn the risks involved with adopting and implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Criminal-Background Checks, Social-Media Screening on the Rise

Employers need to balance speed with risk when it comes to vetting candidates' backgrounds.

Background checks take center stage for today’s recruitment pros

When hiring new employees, employers using background checks should make sure the process is speedy, thorough and fair.

Director’s Cut: Screening the Screener Q&A

 Director’s Cut: Screening the Screener April 15, 2021, 2:00 p.m. EST Speakers: Brandon Phillips, CEO, Global HR Research Eric Higginbotham, CTO, Global HR Research Moderator: Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference...

Background Checks 101: Learn the Basics of Background Checks

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Rolling Background Checks Are Rising

The concept of checking up on current workers is starting to gain traction, particularly in manufacturing and retail.

Screening’s Sorry State

The way in which most companies screen job candidates seems flawed, at best.