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Meet Walmart’s new U.S. chief people officer

Judy Werthauser will join as chief people officer, Walmart U.S., to help drive belonging, wellbeing and digital work.

What HR tech is behind Walmart’s new global upskilling academy?

The retail giant's career growth and wellness training will be powered by cutting-edge VR headsets and solutions from Strivr.

How automation is transforming Chevron, Lego and Walmart

Leading CHROs explain what DEI transparency can achieve, the new role HR plays in business and more.

How Walmart, Chevron and The Lego Group select new HR tech tools

From VR to HCM, three chief HR leaders discuss what’s coming next.

Walmart’s solution to teaching workers kindness: virtual reality

The retail giant is using technology to help employees practice empathy, have difficult conversations during COVID-19.

Walmart’s new workforce app provides a look into the future

This kind of employee experience app is 'where work software is headed,' says one analyst.

Empathy at scale: Why Walmart associates are eagerly seeking VR to practice kindness

Re-watch STRIVR's June 24 webinar to review how VR can not only improve skills, but can also influence how employees feel.

Walmart giving employees third COVID-related bonus

The retailer is handing out bonuses amounting to $428 million to thank employees for working during the pandemic.

Walmart hands out another round of employee bonuses

The retailer is giving workers a second cash reward to thank them for working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HR Tech 2019: How Walmart, FedEx Ground are using virtual reality

HR leaders share how virtual reality is reshaping training at their companies.