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Q&A With HR Tech Influencer Rebecca Wettemann

Influencers discuss how the biggest HR problems lie in understanding our workforce.

Why HR needs to harness the power of HR tech

2020 HR Tech Influencer Rebecca Wettemann shares why data and tech are impeditive to help employers grow from the challenges brought by COVID-19.

HR Tech Quick Hits: TA tech still growing; L&D lessons

Plus why more employers are investing in continued education and upskilling to improve employee retention.

How HelloFresh is using people analytics to deliver fresh employee insights

'True business insight doesn't have to live in those silos,' one expert says.

How T-Mobile is helping women return to the world of tech

Career development solution provider reacHIRE provided the tech the telecom giant needed to help women find tech-forward positions.

Will Facebook-like features in Viva Engage help build corporate culture?

Employees wil soon be able to post pictures of their family vacations inside their Teams tool. Is this the new face of team-building?

Is today’s rapid L&D vendor consolidation good for HR?

Recent acquisitions by Cornerstone and Degreed mean fewer options for HR leaders but an opportunity for greater focus when upskilling employees.

What ServiceNow’s latest acquisition reveals about HR’s priorities

Recession or not, Gretchen Alarcon of ServiceNow expects that HR will continue to focus on upskilling.

Why Microsoft is betting big on adding goals to Viva

This fall, Microsoft plans to add OKR—objectives and key results—to its HR suite. Will goals help curtail the Great Resignation?

New collaboration strategies for a hybrid world

Thursday, June 23, 2022 2:00 pm ET

Valoir principal analyst Rebecca Wetteman discusses best practices for enabling better collaboration and communication with technology.