4 Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees

Despite the economic devastation brought on by the pandemic, the competition for top talent remains fierce as we move beyond the crisis.

According to a report from Monster, 82% of employers in the United States had plans to hire in 2021, “including 37% who plan to re-hire backfill jobs and 35% who plan on hiring for net new jobs.”

With that as a backdrop, finding and retaining highly qualified workers will continue to be a key challenge for the foreseeable future — intensified by an ever-widening skills gap. As the report notes, “a third of U.S. employers say the skills gap has increased compared to last year, and 80 percent of employers say they have difficulty filling openings due to skills gaps, as opposed to a year ago.”

Here are four ways HR leaders can attract and retain the top talent their organizations need to thrive.

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