2022 Top HR Product Plum Leadership Potential

What it is: Plum Leadership Potential enables organizations to identify high-potential talent using proven science combined with scalable technology. By leveraging the results of Plum’s single assessment, organizations can instantly measure leadership potential in every employee, ensuring each member of the workforce is equitably considered for their aptitude. Plum Leadership Potential also ensures companies are using objective criteria to strip away bias and build more diverse leadership pipelines. By objectively surfacing employees with leadership potential—regardless of race, gender and background—organizations can engage, develop and retain future leaders who will be critical to their organization’s future success.

Why we like it: Plum has created an impressive solution that could help an organization grow and develop its leaders internally. Powered by its custom-made predictive science, Plum Leadership Potential helps firms objectively identify employees with leadership potential earlier in their careers by assessing every employee across the workforce. Why? So, that no future leaders are overlooked. The solution looks at employees’ learning agility, presence, drive, empowerment, self-confidence and composure to determine their potential. We liked Plum’s self-evaluation tools so much that we wanted to take the test ourselves.

Phil Albinus
Phil Albinus is the former HR Tech Editor for HRE. He has been covering personal and business technology for 25 years and has served as editor and executive editor for a number of financial services, trading technology and employee benefits titles. He is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and lives in the Hudson Valley with his audiologist wife and three adult children.