The 2019 Talent Acquisition Landscape


You can’t predict the future with 100 percent certainty, but you can get a good idea of the kinds of talent your company is likely to need in 2019 by considering your business strategy for the coming year. What major initiatives will the company roll out, and what kind of talent is needed to drive those initiatives? Consider also which employees are likely to leave soon, based on their tenure and their personal career goals.

Armed with this information you can create a general outline of your company’s hiring needs in 2019. Then, you can determine which strategies, tactics, and tools are most likely to help meet those needs. You don’t need to adopt those methods immediately, but you should be prepared to do so when the time is right. No matter what the talent acquisition landscape looks like in  2019, one thing is for certain: Those teams that move the fastest and most efficiently will be the teams that win the war for talent in the coming year.

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2019 Talent Acquisition Landscape