The Two Costly HDHP Challenges HR Executives Face—and How to Conquer Them With Behavioral Science and Better Communication

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Webinar Date: March 20, 2018

If your company offers an HDHP with an HSA, you face two equally tricky communication challenges: 1) how to get even more employees to enroll in that HDHP, and 2) how to get employees already onboard to enroll in—and contribute more—to their HSAs.

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Join Helen Calvin, chief revenue officer in charge of customer success for ALEX by Jellyvision, as she explains how the lessons of behavioral science and Jellyvision’s time-tested communication principles can help you drive behavior change on both fronts, boosting employee engagement AND your company’s bottom line as a result.

Specifically, Helen will share:

  • Why more effectively promoting what you already offer beats dramatically changing your plan design
  • Proven communication strategies for migrating more employees to your HDHP
  • Right-brain and left-brain techniques for getting employees to show their HSAs more love
  • How to keep a steady drumbeat of HDHP/HSA communication going all year long…and more!

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