The Simple Truths of Appreciation and Recognition—Low Cost or No-Cost Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged

Learn the 10 simple truths of appreciation.
By: HRE Editorial

Webinar Date: September 6, 2018

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In these tough economic times of having to do more with less, it is critical for HR leaders to find other ways besides money to keep employees engaged. Sixty-five percent of American workers say they received NO appreciation all last year for the good work they had done, yet the second most important thing people want from their jobs is full appreciation. This is the case in pretty much every sector of the economy but is especially true in healthcare. In this webinar, Barbara Glanz—an expert in the areas of appreciation and recognition, and author of 12 books (including The Simple Truths of Appreciation)—will share 10 simple truths of appreciation as well as dozens of immediately applicable and creative ways employers in the healthcare sector can apply them to build a happy and productive workforce. The beauty of appreciation is that we can each give it to anyone we choose for no cost except for our awareness and a few moments of our time.

Participants will …

  • Learn the 10 simple truths of appreciation;
  • Examine several models that can serve as frameworks for healthcare organizations to better understand the importance of appreciation in employee engagement; and
  • Explore creative, no-cost or low-cost ways to appreciate and recognize employees.

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